FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

I didn’t have any problems for 1-2 months. I had my first two random reboots shortly before Pokémon Go came out - It got a lot worse after I started playing. So badly, that I stopped playing, but the reboots were still quite frequent, with having good days and bad days. I tried all the “workarounds”, sooner or later it did reboot. I’ve gone back to my old phone which runs great with CM11. Now, after about 4 months passed by, I wanted to get the current version a shot. After booting the fairphone for the first time in months and enabling WiFi, it instantly rebooted. Then, after starting the download on 1.9.3 (been on 1.5.1 before), it rebooted again. It is certainly NOT Pokémon Go or a temperature issue for me. It can’t be you still can’t reproduce the issue after months?


I’ve bought the Fairphone 2 two weeks ago and also experienced random reboots. The rebooting occurred indeed randomly and not during activities which are not that CPU intesive (internet, email, texting, charging). In the first week it rebooted several times a day and now once a day. But I use the FP2 now less often so that could also be the reason the frequency of random rebooting was reduced.

Reading this forum it seems a problem long known since introduction of the FP1 en FP2. Good to read that the IT team is giving it high priority.

My FP2 reboots randomly a few times each day, including when it is sitting untouched on a table and nothing is happening. I.e. It’s unlikely to be due to a loose battery

Could this be problem with the battery, not the phone? I was also having random reboot problems. Usually once to twice per day - normally when the phone was sitting on a table, not being used. I have been slightly disappointed by the battery life, so I ordered a 2nd battery. And after 2 days with the new battery, zero reboots. Uptime reports 39 hours and counting. I will report back in the days to come.

Sounds interesting. I never tested with a second battery but it could be a possible reason. I hope this solved it for you in the long term as the random reboots are very annoying on an otherwise quite good device.

I have returned my FP2 to Fairphone. Hopefully the reboots are gone when I get it or a new phone back.

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Hi, my wifes fp2 seems to restart without any reason (about once a day) When she starts any APP or sometimes even without touching the device. Switched to g3 as recommended in forum, did not help. This problem do many users have but here’ s still no solution. Please solve Problem!

As my topic was closed I answer in this topic…

It’s not fine…i still have a phone (the third one) that randomly reboots… :frowning:

Same occurs with my second FP2. Now i have to send the actual unit back to netherlands, waiting 2 weeks receiving a new one.
Unbelievable! That will be the last try, If doesn’t work well i’ll order the whole cashback

Ich habe das gleiche Problem, schon mit dem 2. Gerät. Auch dieses schicke ich zurück.
Nichts anderes scheint möglich

@chief_cook oh no! :confused: I am sorry to hear that. I misinterpreted your ‘all good’ then… I hope you can sort out everything with the FP support!

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Wow. Read somewhere in this thread that the freezes/reboots might be related to 4G, so last night I tried switching the cellular network settings down to 3G/2G, and today I haven’t had a single problem!

Hoping this is not just a coincidence. Will report back in a few days.

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Nope, just had a black screen freeze on my way to work today, and had to reset it by holding the power button. Still, only one freeze in 36 hours still feels as an improvement, so perhaps this problem is a combination of multiple things?

I observed the same random reboot while playing games : Boom Beach sometimes, Pokemon Go quite often. The issue seemed solved but i recently installed another game (Sky Force Reloaded) and, with this game, this behaviour occurs very very often. I tried some of the workarounds described at the top of this topic (disable 4G for instance), but it doesn’t seem the make any difference.


I was having a version of this problem. Random crashes I would say more often than reboots and the phone would sometimes refuse to start up again for ages. Some update or other seems to fixed this for me. And I eventually (after over a month) received a reply from support with workarounds etc

Random reboots are back with newly upgraded version 1.10.1. Three reboots in less than 2 hours :cry:

Yeah, more random reboots at 1.10.1 for me as well.
Earlier I just had reboots when I was actively using the phone (Writing an email, playing a game, navigating…). And now it happens all the time, even when it is idly sitting around. I hope there will be a fix soon, holiday is coming up and I need it there… :slight_smile:

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Are hiccup really useful? 65 crash reports has been sent, I opened a support ticket, but never get any answer about this, Fairphone only suggest a new phone. I don’t understand…

I would guess this means they are assuming a hardware malfunction, if they suggest to replace the phone.

But mine was working like a charm just before the upgrade to latest version. Now I can have several reboots per hour :cry: