FP1 went to factory mode and deleted all data by itself

Yes, it’s happening now with my FP1U.
It seems to reboot when it’s fully recharged although not every time.
This wasn’t really bothering me too much until yesterday when after the reboot, the screen went black and chinese script appeared and before I knew it, factory settings set in and all my data lost! Can’t even make a phone call as it won’t recognize SIM 1 which I use most of the time.
Really depressing. It was great while it lasted.
Doubt if anyone will read this post.
Am now trying to decide what to do.
Whether to go for the FP2 or go for one of the unethical phones …

I’ve moved your post here as it is about FP1 and not FP2.

Can you boot your phone normally at the moment?

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Hi Stefan,
Thanks, my FP1U is much better now. The problem could have come from the SIM1 though not sure. I took all cards out as advised and it seems to have come back to life and charged up without a problem which is a great relief.
Although data lost, it is recharging perfectly again; seems much more stable now.
Will just have to reinstall everything again.
This forum is great.
Regards to all.

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I’ll put the topic on autoclose in a week. If the problem comes back in the next few days, you can still post here. :slight_smile:

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