Lock screen with password. Eventhough i didnt configurate any

Hey Guys,

I just have to insert a password on my lockscreen, eventhough i didnt secure my phone with any password.

Do you know how that could have happened?


the only idea is that a family member is doing a trick to you. Or is the phone asking for the Pin code of your Sim card?


No. I need to insert a password not the pin code.

I can’t explain how it happened, but you can get rid of it: go to system settings > security > screen lock and choose (tap) the option that suits you.


Trzadave did you solve it?
I have the same problem and I didn’t set it up either…


If you cannot access your phone anymore, you need to do a hard reset.

Guys, there need to be another solution. My phone did the same trick: asking me for a password in the lock screen to access my phone even though I didn’t set any nor did the person I was lending it to. But that seems to be the common motive with the FP1 lockscreen password suddenly springing into existence: the phone was fed another SIM card and used for a while.

Since all my hassle with the FP1 (now I can’t even access it anymore, it set a lock screen password by itself), the non existent durability of the FP1 (audio jack gone after 1.5 years, the complete antenna module is damaged which was the reason to switch SIM cards which in turn locked the whole phone by putting up the aforementioned lock screen password) and the pretty mediocre perfomance of the FP2 (case is flappy, dirties quickly therefore, antenna (this time the data part) seem damaged again I can sincerly say: I will not buy a FP3 but instead will use second hand phones from the moment of my FP2 dying…