FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

I’m scared of posting this but I’ve just had the longest period without a lock up since owning 2 fairphones. Since I upgraded to M last week, no crashes at all.

Hopefully this has sorted it!

I have a replacement device, since mine has always crashed. According to the support, which the Hiccup logs have read out, it was a hardware defect. Have now got a new device, with current board and already after five days 6 reboots and 5 entries in Hiccup. I do not want to be so slow anymore! :sob:

If you can root your phone, then according to @Antimailer tweaking the CPU settings might help.

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Before the weekend, I sent this question: Fp2 keeps rebooting every 2 mins. Paul replied with some hints that I did not have time yet to try out - because I was out for the weekend.
The funny thing was that the entire weekend, my phone did not crash once. However, now that I am back home again, it almost immediately started crashing again…

I’ve tried using wifi and turning wifi off - that makes no difference. I cannot think of other things different at the hotel and back at home.

Anyone who can make an educated guess?

Since I can’t think of it being connected to a place (except wandering off into the esoteric), perhaps it might be usage? Did you use your phone differently over the weekend (more/less in general, certain Apps more/less, longer/shorter periods of doing nothing with it)?

If you rooted your phone or are willing to root it, you could try changing CPU settings.

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There could have be differences in regard of network coverage, e.g. 3G/4G being available or not; or better or worse signal.

However, could also be coincidence that the phone did not reboot over the weekend, or just unrelated to the location.

Next few days I’ll be in different places. I’ll see whether that changes things again. I really cannot think of anything I did or did not do differently than here at home. Actually, the phone boots also when I do not use it.

Can a modem influence the phone?

@AnotherElk: I do not know what rooting is, so I probably have not done that.

I have reboots and frozen screens to.
I hoped that with Android 6 it would stop. It didn’t.

What makes me sad reading all these posts is that there seems no solution.
For me, as a simple user, the tips and trics are just too difficult.

It is as if I have a car and VW askes me to adjust the cylinder heads.

So please Fairphone, take your responsability and make it quick and easy for simple customers.


My problem persists in other environments, so nothing esoteric there. By now, the phone crashes about every two minutes. I will try some of the things offered, even though, like Roos, I’m a simple user and even though to me most also seem mostly trial and error.
FP offered that I send in the phone for repair - however, being without a phone to me sounds not like a very good solution. In between the crashes I can at least do something with the phone. When it’s away, I can do nothing…

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I find that although my reboots are approx every 2 mins, I can make phonecalls that run for 15-30 mins without reboots.
The reboots occur when I write text messages (SMS), when I use my Outlook app, when I use Google Maps, etc. and also when the phone is just lying on the table.

Can conclusions be drawn from the fact that making calls can be done uninterrupted?

If your phone really crashes all the time I can’t see a way around returning it for repair. It pretty much sounds to me like you don’t have a (usable) phone anyways, so no big loss :wink:

The actual loss occurs when the phone is no longer usable… :wink:

I have found out that the problems are related to having 2 SIM-cards and one using 4G. As soon as I turn off 4G (and switch to 3G) the phone operates smoothly.

So: have others also encountered 4g problems? Suggestions for how to solve them are more than welcome!


Though I do not know if a 4G carrier and its bandwidth cause more stress to the modem part than a 3G signal does…

I have my FP2 since January and it started having random reboots a couple weeks after I first used it. It coincided with me moving to a different country and getting a new sim card with a new number (in addition to my original one). The reboots have no pattern in frequency and reason, sometimes they happen while I’m using the phone and sometimes while I’m not. However, I noticed a marked improvement since I upgraded to Android 6, although they still happen some times (every few days instead of 2-3 times a day). I tried changing 4G to 3G to see if it improves even further. Next step will be to order a new sim card. I will keep you updated of the results.

Hi there!
since the latest patch 17.05.2, my FP2 is now free from random reboots. My phone runs now till 149 hours ~6days 5 hours…
with android 5.X i had random Reboots up to mutiple times a day… not usable for allday use.
On Android 5.X i could reproduce the crashes in 10minutes till 3 hours with watching an mjpeg stream from my 3D printer… (switched stay active in the dev option on) which browser dosn’t matter… No reboots with 17.05.2 anymore :grinning:

with the 17.4.8 I got “black freezes”… the Phone didn’t react till i pressed the Power Button for a long time… ~5-10seconds.
Thats gone with 17.5.2 :grinning:

Greetings Fabian

Edited: Corrected the last sentence: “Thats gone with 17.5.1” to “Thats gone with 17.5.2”

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Fairphone OS 17.05.2 contains updated modem files. It would be interesting to know if they fix those crashes.

I recently update to android 6 and install a 2nd SIM. I have 17.5.2 version.
My issue concern a partial reboot (no need to enter pin code) when I switch from SIM to perform a call. this reboot can occur several time.
Not that the call is launch, my correspondent do not hear me, I do not have access to the call log of the phone for this new call, as if this call were not performed.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Since installing Android 6 the randome reboots gradually disappeared almost completely, even using 4G. Unfortunately my phone has had other issues with the touch screen and is currently being replaced, so I won’t be able to tell about further developments I’m afraid! I hope my next FP2 will be problem-free!