FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Looking through various posts, it seems that 1.4.2 came with a firmware update as well, and that is potentially the problem. I haven’t bothered to downgrade the OS to 1.3.6, as that wouldn’t address a firmware change. I’ve sent in a support ticket and awaiting a response.

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Random reboots all day long, and a message saying; “optimizing apps 1ofxx”. Black screen after picking up a call or making one, found out it’s the proximity sensor, but it all happend after the update to 1.4.2. I wrote to Support, but haven’t got any answer yet (wrote the 24th - last friday).
All the apps also crashes if the phone is not rebooting… and it’s emptying the battery in 10 hours, even without use.

I have tried to clean the screen from both sides for the proximity sensor, as FP instructions tell. Testing the sensor with the recommended sensors app - and the proximity sensors now says 5cm and when I move something in front, it says 0cm - as it should, but it cannot go back to 5cm, so it cannot register that nothing is in front anymore… :confused:

It’s worth a try:

I’ve cleared my cache twice - made no difference to frequency of crashes :frowning:

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Have a look here for the firmware:

I have the same issue (just 1 sim card in it, no other cards). I have never had the reboot problem with my previous phones (2 HTC’s and 2 Motorola’s), with very similar usage patterns & apps installed, and with the same sim card. So I’m quite sure it’s a FP-caused thing.

Fix it guys, reliability is key here ! Very happy to contribute by buying a FP, but if this problem continues, it’ll be my last FP.

Komaan jongens, volhouden !!! Jullie concept is te goed om verloren te laten gaan door dit soort bugs !!!

Kind regards,

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First of all, the girls and guys you are talking to here are Fairphone users and not employees, so we will probably not fix this.
You should try the workarounds in the first post and if none of them work contact support (to get a replacement phone).



The ‘fix it’ was not intended towards the FP users. I assume that the FP people are reading this too & it was directed at them, of course.

No trolling intended, Paul. I wrote an encouraging comment in Dutch (directed at the FP people) at the bottom of my post, that translates: “Come on guys, keep at it !!! Your concept is too good to wither away because of these kind of bugs !!!”

Thanks for the forum, kind regards,

The FP team reads posts occasionally, but only answers in rare occasions (specific sections/threads) in the forum.

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing re-boots mainly when using Google maps via Android Auto.

No of the above mentioned Solutions worked to solve this issue.

FP really needs to either solve this otherwise the phone is useless for me or at least communicate a plan how to fix it.


I hope, you told this to the company, because[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:283, topic:11553”]
The FP team reads posts occasionally

Spielmops (community-member)

Hi Spielmops,

thanks for the hint. Important point.

I am aware that this forum is not the official channel to the FP company

And yes, I have opened an official claim to the support team but am waiting for a reply.

But from my point of view it is important to make sure that it is clear that there are many, many users who have the same problem. 280+ posts in this thread show that.

What I do not understand is, why this issue is not part of the official list of bugs.


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I also think so. I’m waiting for a reply from support for months.

The sad thing is that I went from someone promoting FP2 to friends to someone telling people not to buy the FP2 when they thought about buying it themselves because of this issue.

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Please post your request number here. You’ll get a reply soon.

I got a fairly prompt response from support when I contacted them and am awaiting a replacement phone.

I hadn’t realised the support teams didn’t keep a bit of an eye here - I’d assumed they would at least glance at the high traffic threads fairly often :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

Indeed, and i’m sure they are a lot of Fairphone users who don’t use the forums at all and still waiting a “fix” from a further update.

Most people don’t want to bother with technical things. Even contribute to a forum like this could be not so easy for a lot of people.

This is the real world (and Apple’s business).

Hi all! In need of quick help, since I’m failing with what should be a simple task.

I updated to 1.4.2 a couple of days ago - unfortunately it sent my FP2 into a reboot loop. As a first measure I want to try to reinstall the OS update. I can’t use the FP updater so I’m trying to do it manually with an SD card. My problem is however, I can’t figure out how to boot my phone into system recovery. I’ve turned the phone off and are pushing vol up/down + on/off button simultaneously, but to no effect. What happens is that my phone vibrates (makes a short buzz) every second or so, regularly, until I release all buttons. Then my phone starts as usual. I’ve been trying to hold the buttons down for 5, 10 and 20 seconds. The closest I’ve gotten so far is the “optimizing apps” screen, which happened about three times, but that might just be another downside of the reboot loop issue.

Help much appreciated.

EDIT/UPDATE: Since Spielmops informed me of the right way to gain access to the system recovery I managed to reinstall the OS, version 1.4.2. The reboots are fewer now, and it seems like I can use my phone fairly well. Phone calls/texting is working for now. Turning on 4G (also 3G only) and using apps which requires internet seems to trigger crash/reboot, or it will cause my SIM card to “reset” - I’ll be asked to enter my pin code again. While using 4G/3G the signal is very unstable overall - ranging from none to full at random. Wi-fi seems to be working better.

Recovery mode: Volume up and Powersimultaneous and hold and hold …
… until you see recovery. If that does not work: remove battery, let your phone recover for half an hour, insert battery and try again.

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