FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

It will be cool if Fairphone release nighly builds* to enhance community dynamic, have more testers and fixes to announce…

*nightlies are not destined to final users but dev and avanced users could try it to help to debug FPOS.


Hello community,

I really love the new fairphone but I have one major problem. It crashes all the time! About 10 times a day. It crashes in all kinds of apps (SMS, Steam, Twitch, Youtube, Music Player) and restarts itself then. I have not modified the OS in any way.

What could be the problem here? Do other people have this issue too?

Thanks for any advice in advance :slight_smile:

You not alone! But all FP2 doesn’t have this issue. We don’t have chance!

Fairphone is avare of this issue and works to resolve it.

For now, we can do nothing. There is not tips or workaround.

BUT maybe it is time Fairphone communicate officaly about this big issue ? @Douwe

There is soon 3 months this thread is open and users bear it in silence, without compensation, explanation… neither solution.


Not at all!

Do you have an idea of how many are impacted?

How you can say that? I read (here on an facebook) a lot of people have this kind of trouble.
They don’t open tickets, they just wait an update. Maybe even Fairphone doesn’t know.

Fairphone didn’t send any email recognizing this problem and asking to people with this issue to manifest them. They didn’t mention neither if only specific devices are concerned (ie. all devices maked a particular week, with serial numbers between w and y).

If only a few devices were concerned, it would not be a problem, it would be simple to replace some FP2.
But we can unfortunately fear that the problem affects a lot of people. No?

Because if it is an hardware issue, we just have to activate warranty or ask refund?

It is why Fairphone need to communicate and be transparent to respect users.


There’s an indication for the next major release coming to your phone soon: Fairphone Open OS roadmap discussion


Hey @alexisju,

As mentioned above, we are aware of the problem and are investigating this.

Sadly enough there currently is no extra information any of us could give you.

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For me it feels like I have less reboots since I turned off 4G.
Reboots are still happening when I turn on/off wireless lan and randomly…

I realy would Fairphone like to react in some way - they didn’t even anser my Support request…

And by the way the screen is still doing weird things…

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Hello @Douwe, thank you for your answser!

I read with attention the commentKees wrote. It’s encouraging to know Fairphone is aware of this issue and work hard to provide a fix.

However, sorry, but this does not exempt you from then to communicate officialy.

To be clear :

  • How many devices are concerned? 10% 50% 100% ? How Fairphone evaluate the situation?
  • Why some devices doesn’t not have any problem ?
  • Why users shouldnt not consider this issue as manufacturing defect and require replacement?
  • If it is and hardware issue, why do you simply don’t purpose us to exchange devices ?

@root Thank you for your answer… but i’m not really “happy” to read that they (only) “plan to start” release candidate and still waiting test results. Sure it is nice to hear they consider this issue with attention but i just want to know when my 525€ smartphone will be reliable to use. And i’m not the only one.

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Hey @alexisju, I can repeat again; we are investigating this. The idea of investigation is to get answers to your questions. While we are still in the process of investigation, we do not have these answers. Once the investigation is done, we’ll have answers. When we have answers we will communicate them to all who it may concern.

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Have the same issue. Reboots 2-4 times a day, first the screen freezes, after a few second there is a reboot.

Same here. I’ve had my FP2 for 1 week and 2 days and it crashes randomly at least once per day. I haven’t given it much thought, really, but it’d be horrible if I missed my wake-up alarm and was late for work because of that issue.
Hopefully, this can be fixed soon. :frowning:

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OK, next step on my investigation:

1th step: 4G turned on in slot 2: lots of crashes…
2nd step: 4G downgraded to 3G about 1 crash a day…
3rd step: changed sim, so that 4G is in slot one: massiv crashes, so immediatly changed sims back
4th step: back to step 2 as it workes quite ok.


  • my reboots are common as yours; first the screen freezes for seconds, than reboot
  • reboots do not depend on usage, currently mostly overnight…
  • 4G is a big factor!!! Strong reduction if 4G is turned off…
  • decision which sim is used for which slot is a big factor too!

Regards, Ronny

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Hi everybody,
I have my FP2 for more than a month now. Until yesterday I had not experienced any random reboot. However, after having disassembled my phone - only removed the screen - twice yesterday, it has rebooted three times so far. Maybe, this issue is related to disassembling the phone?! Perhaps, the screen’s contacts are not perfectly connected to my phone’s connector. I will disassemble the screen later today and will report if that changes anything.
Has anyone else disassembled his/ her phone prior to experiencing the reboots? Has anyone experienced the issue without ever having disassembled it, i.e., using a straight-from-the-factory FP2?
Note: I disassembled my FP2’s screen many times before. Just want to share my thoughts as this would explain the issue’s occurence under random circumstances.

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Never disassembled mine, it’s a straight-from-the-factory one .

For me the reboots also went down to about one a day after disabling 4G. (Which is still annoying, but bearable.) It doesn’t matter in which slot I put the sim though, it’s pretty much the same.

Mine only crashed once at night, but the alarm still went off in the morning, so that doesn’t seem to be a problem! :slightly_smiling:


Thats a relief, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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While i don’t know how many devices are concerned, mine just works fine. Only 1 reboot in over 2 months. So apparently not all phones are concerned.

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