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Sometimes even the best old FP2 camera module can’t capture the whole beauty that the eyes get to see.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone !

FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Nice impression, but actually you are too late, Christmas is over already here in D - oh hold on…in which time and date zone are you atm?#!? :wink:

(Snakker du norsk også?)


Yes I’m late for Christmas, but still in advance for NY :wink:
Even here in Beijing I’m too late haha


Taken with FP2, 8 MP camera (old version), App: OpenCamera (all default settings).
I liked the picture that much that I printed it on an about 30x20 cm canvas, looks great.
The colours look a bit more intense then in reality but for this kind of picture that is just what is needed.


A few sunset winter shots at Beijing’s Summer Palace :slight_smile:

FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Winter in Vienna again.

LOS, Open Camera, old Module, unedited


Ankor Wat im Cambodia. :sunglasses:

FP2, new camera, slightly edited.


Amazing, but

I know it only from a Tomb Raider game, so…you took out Lara, eh?! :slight_smile:

Anyway I assume it’s not allowed to enter.


Yes it is. Except when you encounter this:

(not taken with a FP, sorry)


You can get into the temple if you are willing to wait…

Sorry, no Fairphone picture.


…until the next day or for how long…?? smiley


Well, the queue was enormous, for that reason I decided not to get into the temple…

Nonetheless, I guess I’ve seen enough temples within my 4 days of visit. And if you know one temple you usually know all of them… :rofl:


Tournai’s cathedral, Belgium.

FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. Edited with Lightroom.


Some more recent night shots from Beijing.

FP2 new camera module. Bimostitch app. Edited with Lightroom.


That’s really queer what’s going on over there in Asia. As always - they simply do it!. :star_struck:
Very remarkable scenes. Maybe every time a brain flash for you to return back to classical Europe.


I just passed by recently and did the same panorama with the new camera module to compare.

Here is the result.

FP2 new camera module. Bimostitch panorama. No edit.

Honnestly, I don’t think the difference is that obvious. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the upgrade. The old camera module was already doing a good job, but indeed nothing compared to the Leica lences inside the Huawei for example.
Would be great to have a real camera update with something really competitive.


Seems so when comparing both images next to each other.
Thanks for your remembrance btw. :wink:
Maybe the difference would be more obvious when capturing a scene by daylight which is quite real for my Lumix Leica camera. It has no background censor illumination which makes it difficult when taking night shots.


To be honest, I see quite a lot of difference between the pictures, though it is a bit hard to compare because you weren’t standing at exact the same pot. Differences I see:

  • The old camera is strugling with the light and choosing a log shutter time, this results in motion unsharpness in severel places in the picture. I can’t see any of that with the new camera.
  • Probably connected to the light-struggle of the old camera: it seems to have chosen a quite big diaphragm, resulting in a limited depth of field. The new camera performs much better there.
  • The new camera shows much more details (magnify and compare the bricks in the square for example, certainly those further away)
  • The new camera handles contrasts much better. On the old camera everything turns a bit into grey, while the new one shows black and light.
  • The new camera displays much more vivid colors.

In matter of fact, I think the difference is quite spectacular, I would not consider publishing the picture taken with the old camera, but I would consider the one taken with the new camera. In my opinion these pictures are a nice showcase for the camera upgrade!

And yes… you can always go better (I would not even consider comparing these pictures to the ones from my semi-professional kit), but the upgraded camera does surprisingly well for a phone camera.


Thanks for such a professional feedback !