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Is it Riga/Latvia? It looks baltic.


Hehe no much more simple, it’s just Bruxelles mainsquare, where you can eat fries and drink beer. June a hour from my parent’s home.

I’ll redo the panorama with the new module to compare next time I go to the capital by night.


How this sounds…oh it´s just Bruxelles mainsquare, nothing special to be excited about guys only EUs headquarters nearby…:wink:

I like the way it looks. I think there is a lot of romance going on…

Hopefully your position is still marked with a cross as your location was not saved last time…:laughing:


Well, matter of habit, I’m so used to pass by now… haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I can find my foot print in the middle of the square so I can find precisely the right position :smiley: … ok let’s try at least


I’m experimenting with minimalism/maximalism in my photos. FP2 Original Camera. The street photo has been edited to remove car licence plates. The rest are unedited.


Nice impressions and interesting shots.
The snow image somehow irritates me. Le´me guess the location…Canada?
You even wiped the registration plate on the car…


Oops! I forgot I blurred that out. You’re right Patrick, I did edit that one when I took it. I’ll correct my post. The rest are unedited.

And yeah, Ontario Canada!


Beijing, China.

FP2 old camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Congrats! So you managed to catch the ISS on its fly by :laughing:


Some sunset color effects with the 8MP camera and Lollipop. Resized to 50% and composed. Standard settings with Open Camera (last on the right is HDR). Location is 49° 0’ 29.29" N 9° 17’ 29.274" E
Somehow reminds me of the movie rid


Valais, Switzerland.

FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Oh, how lovely. Obviously he/she was in a holiday mood as well…stood there patiently until you took your snap. The focus is very sharp btw. Good catch.


FP2 - old camera module - OpenCamera - unedited


I just came back from holidays in Italy. I took this selfie in Florence. (Fairphone related element in the metadata :wink: )

(HDRI from Open Camera App)

Greetings from Amsterdam

Fabulous #EFCT18 Photo Contest :camera: (Everyone can take part!)

Fairphone in Lyon.
FP2, old module, unedited, bad lighting conditions (hazy noon light).


Das Foto ist eh gut!
Ich meine, wer sollte das noch dopper-n können!? :sweat_smile:

(I’m sorry, the pun only works in German and even then it’s not really funny…)


FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Random shots in Bruxelles.

FP2 new camera module. LOS stock camera app. No edit.


Linz, AT - near the Hotel the #austrianfairphoners stay at for the Wearfair.
FP2, old camera module LOS, Open Camera, unedited.


Wow, it’s almost like painted, what a sky and architecture. I like it.