FP2 - Pictures Gallery

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FP2, old camera, unedited


New module, unedited, taken on LOS 15.1 with OpenCamera


Springtime in the botanical gardens!

New camera module, FPOOS 19.02.1, Open Camera. All are unedited, though the ones ending in _HDR were made using Open Camera’s HDR mode, which is kinda sorta like editing.


It’s been a while since I posted here. In spring my dad bought me good camera and since I have it I barely take pictures with the Fairphone anymore.
Today there was an occasion where I kind of had to.

This common blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus) left me no other choice than the cell phone camera - or at least at first I thought so.

All pictures FP2, old Camera module, Lineage OS, Open Camera, no editing except cropping

Now that I’m used to a really good camera I must say the FP2 can’t compare. Especially focusing was difficult.

For comparison here are pics from the camera + editing/filter.


Anyway a nice catch.
How funny, the object you wanting to capture occupies you capture device :smile:


What a great picture!!! Funny and beautiful…
And of course FF camera doesn’t compare to a good camera. Otherwise people wouldn’t buy camera’s anymore i guess:)


Fall colours in the botanical gardens. The darker seasons really push the FP2’s camera to its limit, and it shows - but with some patience it’s still possible to take some lovely pictures.

The following pictures are edited to correct for the effects of seasonal darkness: the first picture of the Ginkgo leaves (made a bit brighter); the picture of the individual Ginkgo leaf (screwed with levels, applied a vignette and added fake shallow depth of field because I got a bit carried away); the picture of the frosty leaves (needed serious colour correction to make it look natural as it was dark, cloudy and early in the morning); the field of leaves (made a tiny bit brighter) and the pink bananas (screwed with levels to get colours to look natural).