FP2 Dual Sim issue persists - second SIM doesn't work: 'no mobile network available'

Hi, I’ve had my FP2 for a few years now and have always had 2 SIM cards, the main one I use with my Irish provider, the 2nd with a German provider.

It now bothers me that the 2nd one doesn’t work when I try to make calls from Ireland to Germany (trying to benefit from the free roaming capacity). I did a bit of troubleshooting and checked the settings, the 2nd SIM shows the correct setup info. Still, the message I get says that there is ‘no mobile network available’ which is a bit odd.

The option to choose between SIM1 and SIM2 works fine and is displayed when I try to make a call, but when I select SIM2 I get the above error message.

Does anyone have the same issue with their FP2 and happens to know a solution? Or is this possibly a persistent bug in FP2?

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Could it be something similar to this one?

In other words: If you set the second SIM card to use 3G/4G, does it work then? If that is the case it would mean that the network that this SIM would use doesn’t provide 2G anymore. But as the FP2 can only have one SIM card at something greater than 2G the other card won’t be able to receive anything in that scenario. If that is the case it should help to set the second SIM to 3G/4G if you want to call via this card. But if you want to use data on the other card you have to set it back afterwards. Not ideal indeed, but first check it, maybe it’s something totally different in your case.



A bit late to the discussion, but I have a very similar scenario and @Martin_Anderseck is correct. Not only FP, apparently no smartphone can have two SIM cards running at 4/5G at the same time. I always have to change the settings to the one I want to use on automatic and the other one on 2G. But with that in mind, everything works without issues.

Afaik the FP3 can have both SIMs set on 4G.


Yeah, I read that after replying this moring. Apparently this was true for older phones. I have a FP3+ now and set both SIMs on 4G, will report on behavior. But what I said definitely held for my old FP2.


In the meantime, I have both my SIMs set to 4G/5G and have been reached on both of them by calls and messages, no matter in which country I currently was. So can confirm, the FP3+ works with both cards set to max.

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