FP2 Crashes/Reboots With Incoming Calls

Hello all,

Apologies if this has been covered in a previous post - can’t find one specifically dealing with this problem.

Intermittently since I’ve had the FP2, but especially in the last few days my FP2 crashes the instant it receives an incoming call, sometimes rebooting automatically and sometimes requiring me to remove the battery first. I’m not at all sure what could be causing it - I suspect possibly having a music or podcast player on standby at the same time might be related, but I’m not too sure.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this, and what I can do to put a stop to it?

Difficult to say what’s going on, but what’s your SIM setup? I.e. one SIM or two? If one, which slot? If two, problems on just one of them or both?

Currently using two sims - one for mobile data only. Put that one in only last week, but the problem is older than that.

Ok, so probably not a dual SIM handling issue (there are some weird ones it seems). And the phone crashes when the call comes in, or when you answer the call?

Pretty much when I get the call. Sometimes, but not always it manages to
ring a couple of times first.

I had the very same error when I was using my preferred ringtones from sdcard1. See my earlier post.
When I moved it to sdcard (primary or default resp.) all worked as expected again.
Hope this is the case that you are facing.


Just an additional solution to add: it would seem if the ringtone you’ve linked to has been moved/deleted, this also causes the above problem. I went into Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone and choose another file. Tested an incoming call and all worked as expected.

Hope that helps someone!

Thanks; Antony.

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Just to confirm that this solution worked for me. Choose another ringtone.

However I have about 6 ringtones in that list all with identical names (an mp3 file I have used for years), but the first 4 don’t make a sound when I select them, and after being selected they crash the phone when I receive an incoming call. Looks like the ringtone list has been populated by files I’ve stored elsewhere in the past, but even though they no longer exist in those places, they still appear in the ringtone list.


I have noticed the same problem with my phone -
I can’t even tell you for how long it has been going on, because I just thought I had random reboots, instead of people trying to call me. :slight_smile:

It happens on both of my sim cards - the person calling me sets my phone to “loading” so it appears switched off, or it actually sometimes reboots my phone.

I had already restarted the phone several times.

I have switched back my old ringtone, and this solved the problem -
Thank you!-
but now I am wondering why my sound selection is so full of duplicates and ten-times of the same…

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