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edit: thought the problem was solved, it is not.

With the Fairphone Open OS, I have the problem that I can not get into the ringtone settings anymore. (Error message: Settings was closed German: “Einstellungen” wurde beendet.). It looked like I chose a mp3 file with umlauts that caused this, later another file (very short wav) also made this happen.
I solved this issue one time by going to the standard music player, long press on one file (without umlauts or other special characters) and set use as ringtone.

Now the issue is there again, probably because I chose a file as notification tone. This can not be set from the music app.

Does anyone know how to override the notification tone other than from the settings?

And more important, what files can cause this?

I attached some screenshots from ths logs when the settings crash (sorry, I don’t have them as text at the moment)


Just an additional solution to add: it would seem if the ringtone you’ve linked to has been moved/deleted, this also causes the above problem. I went into Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone and choose another file. Tested an incoming call and all worked as expected.

Hope that helps someone!

This thread previously mentioned some solution. https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp2-crashes-reboots-with-incoming-calls/17409/6

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately this is not a solution since it is not possible to go to “Settings > Sound & Notification”. The error message “Settings was quit” (German “Einstellungen wurde beendet”) appears.

I don’t want to try to delete the chosen ringtone since then the bug in the thread mentioned may appear and I can not change the ringtone anymore. I need the phone to be functional for my job at the moment.

Can you go to Settings > Apps and clear the cache/data of the Settings app there?

clearing cache and data from the settings app did not help. no change.

Then I’d try going into #recovery and clear the system cache.

I wiped the cache in TWRP recovery mode (cache only, nothing else) and it did not help, no change. :confused:

How about clearing the media storage data cache to trigger a rescan?

This may turn out to be a demanding task running for a while. The phone may get warm for the time and keep an eye on your battery level.

Is this problem solved now?

I have the same problem: In the settings, “ringtones and notifications” are crashing when selected. I can’t choose any more another ringtone.
I got that issue after installing the app “rings extended” (which was stopped for development years ago; I didn’t notice this befor installing the app). I deistalled “rings extended”, but the issue stayed.
Anyone an idea how to solve the problem?
Thank you very much!

Hello, sorry for the late reply. The problem is solved with the update to the newest OS (Open 18.10.0) in my case. I did not try the same files again because I wanted to avoid the same issues.

However, the files used worked on other devices and the PC. I would expect that audio file errors are handled differently, like an error message, so this would still be a bug.

Thanks to the developers for the update to 18.10.0 which helped me.

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