FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

My battery also drain very quickly. For example in this case, see how quickly the battery percentage fell down after I had the phone in flight mode and used it a bit.

following that I connected it to a power source, but when I used my phone again it depleted very quickly:

EDIT: Also I just took this screenshot to show the Wifi Indicator, but I just noticed that it’s been only 2 hours that I unplugged my phone and it already used 20% of the battery, now calculating that 6hours would be left with the current charge. 8hours? come on!

EDIT 2: see below how the battery decreased around 20% this morning after around 30minutes of usage. Before I had it on flight mode over night.

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I don’t get it. I see great battery’s here. BUt this is mine. I tries everything, but this is what i get.
Any tips?

update. Now, 15 min later it’s only 22 hours.
Something must be gready like crazy…

You had a heavy usage at about 19:00.

Which apps do you have? Wifi always on? GPS? Bluetooth? 2G 3G or 4G.
Did you calibrate the battery? (I did it: charging to 100% and using till the phone shuts down. Someone wrote this is bad for the battery, but in my opinion this is necessary at least once to calibrate it)

I for my part deactivated everything I dont need and also some apps which I suspect to keep the phone busy (serveral google apps) and am now testing how long the battery lasts if I dont use the smartphone (only mobile standby, i.e. its possible that i recieve calls).

Now, after alsmost two days I still have 86% battery left ( “11 days left”) and my old Nokia would be proud or jealous ^^ When using normally I (mobile data permanently on) expect 1 or 2 days.

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Anbei das Feedback von Borjan:

Borjan (Fairphone) Feb 22, 17:12

Hello Werner,

I am sorry to only get back to you now.

And as you may have already figured, yes, the first step was missing: let the
battery empties completely.

We will put online instructions and best practices about the battery usage in
the near future.


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Hi, I had the same problem. After reading this post and deinstalling firefox it seems to be solved. But I don´t like chrome… Any recommendations for other likable browsers that work on FP2? Thanks, Gerd

Try dolphin, small and fast. But afaik there is an extra topic for browsers on FP2 already.

Which internet browser do you use?

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It’s not directly fairphone related, but from my previous android experience, uninstalling google play services and dependent google apps duplicates battery life or more. I went from 2 days up to 4-5 days of normal usage on other phones. I would guess therefore that Fairphone Open Source OS will be much more efficient in terms of battery life (I know is not an option for many users, though).


If you only need basic browsing features (no synchronization), I suggest Lightning Browser (F-Droid) (Play Store). Fast, easy (Material Design), open source (so you can be sure your data is not being stolen)


So what times are people seeing? I’m really disappointed with the battery life I’m seeing. I start the day at about 7am with a full battery (charged over night) and I’m almost out of battery by the time I get home 7-8pm. I’ve had WiFi 3.5/4G on during the day which I’d consider normal. Is this actually normal?

I’ve had occasions where I’ve completely run out of battery by 4-5pm because I’ve actually been using it… :frowning:

It feels broken!

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I recognized that if i use games ( father.io beta, traffic Raider vor into the death) beside camer my phone getting very hot and after a time the app crashing. Dont know if its the same issue??? Or it is a hardware Problem?

FP2 doesn’t like games… it’s a serious phone :laughing::joy::grin:


Looks like… but i recognized its always getting hot like i descriped also in normal use. Just browsing online or watch setting from phone after 5min its hot like hell. Normal?

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I don’t know if it’s normal but it’s what is happening to my phone all the time… I don’t think it’s normal…

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My phone lasts <11 hours with normal(ish) usage. Doesn’t die on aeroplane mode or anything. Doesn’t get hot. Disabled a few misbehaving apps (Hello Yahoo Mail) but it’s getting ridiculous.

Don’t have the wifi exclamation mark. Will try the kickstart of the battery and report back.

I have the same problem as many here. Top right gets hot, battery lifetime less than a working day. took the mobile of the charger at 7 this morning and need to charge it with lunch again. It is at 59% after a bit more than 2 hours and did actually not really use it, except for wifi.

I read something about wifi explananation mark, but cannot find it back. What is the problem with that? because I do have an explanation mark the whole time

Here’s the topic: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/wifi-reconnection-problem-exclamation-mark-after-reconnecting/11753
For some people like me it caused indeed battery drain. Workaround: turn mobile internet off when (re-)connecting to a wifi.

yes, explanation mark it gone. Now lets see how it works with for battery…

My battery got better after I installed greenify killing Firefox and this
also got rid of the hot spot on the phone.

Hope this helps anybody.

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The wifi trick worked for several hours, but without using my mobile or have a wifi explanation mark, my power dropped suddenly from 40% to 8% and is hot again (in approx 1.5 hour). I did not use it at all!! Wifi was on during this time and i recieved some messages fb/whatsapp etc… What can it be???

Could be FB