FP2: Android 9 public source release

We’ve been working on Android 9 for Fairphone 2 for over a year now. So far the focus has been on obtaining Google approval for Fairphone OS, since that is what most of our users use. Therefore, Fairphone Open has not been available yet in the Android 9 beta testing program.

However, we still want Fairphone 2’s software to be as open as possible. Therefore, we are now publishing the Android 9 source code of Fairphone Open. From the public sources, you can build Fairphone Open already, even though it is still missing a few crucial features:

You can find instructions for downloading the source and making a build on code.fairphone.com.

We would be happy to receive contributions from you on our all-new public Gerrit instance. At the moment we cannot promise quick response times, but we are still always happy to receive input and suggestions with our community!


Thanks, the build looks fine.
It seems FP Open based on Android 9 is now running on my FP2:

EDIT: the interesting thing is that FP updater proposes to downgrade the system… :wink:


The build worked for me on my old 8 GB RAM machine as well.
Open source builds have always been more important for me since I refuse to use google services, I really appreciate the release of current source code or already compiled versions, thank you for your hard work. :+1: :+1:
I discovered only one small issue in my compiled version: there is no charging animation while the turned off phone is being charged.


Hi @Volker, this is sort of expected behavior; for Fairphone Open builds, in the general case our OTA server just serves the latest version it knows. But of course, this behavior is not useful anymore once you start working with development builds :wink:


Thanks for trying it out and for the the feedback!

The issue that you observed is probably related to the old display module, assuming that’s the case for you: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fp2-android9/issue/13


Awesome! I can’t wait to try this as soon as I get my Fairphone 2 fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your work on android 9.

I builded and installed the new version without any issues.

During runtime, I face some issues :

  • Hiccup not working properly. I think that you fixed it in further version
  • reboot : I did experience some unexpected reboots. With android 9, I have a lot of them. Didn’t have time yet to look at the logs. Anyone noticed that too?
  • AntennaPod app from fdroid (podcast). The media take often a lot of time to start. I don’t know if this is an application issue, or a system one.

Thanks for trying it out!

Some issues should be resolved in the latest version indeed. We’re doing some testing on Fairphone Open internally, but didn’t notice much instability so far. There seem to be issues when the device is under high load, for example when using Firefox. It would be very useful if you could share some logs of the crashes you see.

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Is there a private channel where I can send you logs?


You could send it to me directly via private message.


Is is safe to build on tag 21.01.0-rel.0?
Is it the tag of the android 9 release?


The latest release manifest is rel/p/fp2/21.01.0-rel/21.01.0-rel.1-public.xml. The projects are tagged with rel/p/fp2/21.01.0-rel.1. The previous 21.01.0-rel.0 tag is almost the same though, so both are safe to build.

The 21.01.0-rel.1 release is still missing a few Fairphone Open features and fixes though.



I still have reboots., but no issues building and installing the new tag.

Hi, what’s the current status? Is it foreseeable when an upgrade will be available through the Update manager, which itself was updated several times in the last months. What caught my eye: Update Manager receives updates only through Playstore (Aurora on FPOS), not through F-Droid. Is there a reason not to use F-Droid? Thanks

They have to find a way to provide an update of the update manager for Fairphone Open, other than through Guhgel. I am curious to see how they make it. (I dislike to use Aurora for this).
In general I like the Debian way of defining the release days for upgrades: It will be released when it is ready. Looking forward to a well tested, stable and pretty bug-free Android 9.

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Yes. Google is dealing with the staged roll-out of android 9, and therefore the updater app must be on the playstore.

Are you talking about FPOS or FPOpenOS?
Also see: Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2


As I wrote, FPOS…
(Hm, I am getting error messages “body is too short, must be 20 characters”. But it already had 21…

Then yes:

Thanks for the update.

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