FP2: Android 9 public source release

Hi all,

The public rollout of Fairphone Open on Android 9 is currently in preparation, it will come soon. Until then, as suggested feel free to join the beta program to get the upgrade immediately!

For clarification: We do the staged Android 9 rollout for Fairphone OS only. On Fairphone Open, all users will receive the update at the same time. Is mentioned, we use Google Play to realize the staged rollout, and we currently don’t have an equivalent mechanism for Fairphone Open.


That’s great to hear. Will we need the update of the updater (currently only available in Aurora) for this?

No, there’s no need to update the Updater app.


In the past year or so, there were three or four updates of the Updater…

Hi all,

Fairphone Open on Android 9 is out now. You should receive it through the preinstalled Updater app – on Fairphone Open the Android 9 upgrade does not require an update of the Updater app.


Thanks to all who help make this possible! Today I updated my FPOS to Android 9, and it went smoothly (only F-Droid seems to have some problems. It does not recognize when an app got updated. It does update, but F-Droid sees this only on the next start of F-Droid). Some hiccup with K-9, but seems to run, now. I had to re-arrange the start screen, launcher, but that’s easily rectified.

Now let’s complete the good work and please introduce a VoLTE app for us for all the major networks (3G will be discontinued next month!) Thanks…

One remark: Accuweather won’t run anymore, crashes immediately upon start (and keeps crashing several times again, until purged from memory). I’ll see whether this can be rectified by re-installing it (maybe it just doesn’t like to lose the Android it was installed on). Version 6.1.10-free, which is not the lastest (mostly because I don’t like their new GUI).

Same with me! Thanks a lot!

(Only the FP2 of my wife wanted a complete reset, due to the encryption. Fortunately she uses not too many apps - so she has now a complete new FP2! Without gougle! :wink: )

Re-installing doesn’t help, Accuweather 6.1.10 keeps crashing. Tried the 6.7 from which I still had the installer on my SD card: It does start (which 6.1.10 doesn’t), but crashes half a minute later…

Accuweather runs. I still don’t like the new GUI. But at least it doesn’t crash. One thing it has in common with 6.1.10: I complains about the lack of Google’s Playservices, which of course aren’t there. But it complains only once, during startup. Only Accuweather knows why they complain about that (and what they need Playservices for), if they need location (which is rarely the case), it can get that on FPOS, too. And if they need installation service for updates, Aurora will do that. Accuweather didn’t react on a bug report I sent to them a year ago…

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Hm, one question: Is there a way to increase the size of the clock on the lock screen? With Android 9 it’s considerably smaller, but I liked the old size… The phone is also a watch replacement, so a large font is useful. Unlike Samsung’s GUI, on the lock screen settings of FPOS I don’t find a size for the clock. Thanks…

I just upgraded mine to Android 9. It was quick and there were no issues.
I had moved the maps for OSMAnd to a microSD card in order to have some more free space in memory before I did the upgrade.
The apps have to be arranged as the start-up screen is pretty empty. But that was the only extra work I had to do. Also K-9 had no issues.
The phone is not encrypted.
I use both SIM card slots and also have 2 accounts on the phone.

Thanks for your great work. Who else can do phones supporting from Android 5 to 9 !


First of all thanks a lot for the Android 9 for FP Open. Very important to see, that you go on with the support for us open source users.

I have done the update now and things went well so far. Nevertheless I was surprised that now, for the first time, the phone has saved all datas and I had nothing to reinstall.
So I will see now, how it works and I will report if there are any problems.


Just a quick info: Ning 1.2.4 didn’t work after upgrading to Android 9. Immediate crash when network analysis was started. A re-installation cured this (with the very same version!), so it’s not an incompatibility, maybe something Ning remembers from installation that won’t work if the Android is updated.

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Sprachausgabe geht nicht mir, z.B. in OSMAnd, aber auch in einem Termux-Script, das ich geschrieben habe. Da war hier irgendwo ein Hinweis, finde ihn aber nicht mehr. Ich glaube man musste eigens eine TTS-Engine installieren. Weiß wer mehr?
EDIT: heißt, es ist kein TTS installiert.

Google removed the TTS engine from recent AOSP. LineageOS was there before …


Yes, I found that one. Flite does not download the speech files, nor does RHVoice. As both are very old, they might either not have these files any more, or they might just not be compatible to Android 9.
OSMAnd works with the prerecorded voice engine, but other programs don’t, e.g. Nunav (a pretty smart navigation program, or Termux, my Linux emulator).
So in summary, on Fairphone Open based on Android 9 there is no voice synthesizer available!

How about those available through Aurora? Any suggestions?

PS: it might be useful to split this discussion to “TTS on Fairphone Open” or similar.

I’m running /e/, and /e/ has integrated eSpeak TTS … and I’m not even using TTS, so I can’t help much further.

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Ah, eSpeak TTS. That’s cool. Thanks for the hint. Available where all the good apps are: F-Droid.

I have noticed that charging the FP2 takes longer with FPOS on Android 9 level. I have a standard charger from Samsung (no fast charging methods, but delivers 700 mA without protocol or resitors over the data lines) ETAOU10EBE (that ships with a Wave II) and a Goalzero powerbank Flip 10. Charging takes about 40-50% longer. And with the powerbank I noticed something strange: The FP2 gives a sound once plugged into the powerbank, and the battery symbol gets the lightning to indicate charging. But when I enter Settings|battery it states “not being charged” (but it does charge, but takes really long).