Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2

No you can move around a bit and get some fresh air, don’t wait for the future, it has habit of turning up when you are not looking.


Update went smoothly, and I really like the small differences I have found. Only minor niggle, is a couple of things in the settings menu are now in different places.

Best get wiggling with the niggling :slight_smile:

Today: beginning of May 2021: I still use FP Open OS 19.11.2 without any problem so far. Everything is working fine. (On another FP2 I am trying out e-OS with A10 ;-))

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Hi everyone,
I use FPOpenOS and just got the notification via the FP Updater that I can update my FP2 to Android 9 (21.03.0-rel.2).
Just to make sure because the release version number is identical: Is this the Android 9 update for FPOpen (maybe as part of the beta program) or will this update somehow switch my FP2 to the “googeled” version?

As with every upgrade to a new major Android version (at least), be sure to have a backup of all your important data.

No, it’s out of beta now …



Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll backup my Phone and try it out :slight_smile:


Received FP open OS upgrade via FP update app yesterday ; just followed the wizard, and in 3 taps my phone is running android 9 <3. No downside so far. Congrats !


I got the update yesterday night, first the ‘new’ updater and about half an hour later a notification about Android 9. Went fast and smoothly, the FP2 was working hard for the update, it heated up a little bit, but after an hour or so everything went back to normal.
Everything works, at a first glance, let’s see how it’s going on.


Same with me! My own FP2 (encrypted) updated quickly and smoothly, without heating. But the one of my wife forced us to do a complete reset, apparently due to the encryption. Fortunately we had copies of the most important data like contacts and calendar. And she ueses only a few app so it was newly setted up again in a little hour or so :wink:


Hi everyone,

Great news! We have now reached 100% with the roll-out :tada:

Hope it goes smoothly for you all, however if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.


How much is the current workload of the support team?

Smooth update, no problems, better performance with multitasking between apps! Thank you so much!!! :smiley_cat:


Does that mean every FP2 should get offered an update to Android 9?
My Fairphone Updater (1.39.17) says:

Your current operating system version
Fairphone OS 19.11.2
Your operating system is up-to-date

Please check if the Play Store allows you to update your Fairphone Updater to version 1.50.2. Once that has been done, you should get offered the operating system upgrade to Android 9 (Fairphone OS 21.03.0-rel.2), too.


No. The Play Store doesn’t allow me to update Fairphone 2 Updater. It says:

This app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info.

You can try to install version 1.50.1 manually and afterwards see if the Play Store then allows the Updater to be updated to version 1.50.2.


Thanks. It seems like the Play Store doesn’t allow updates for apps which are not installed from the Play Store but I found a way to download 1.50.2.


Got the upgrade Yesterday, the whole process was flawless and took just 30 minutes. My fairphone 2 now runs Android 9 :partying_face:

Awesome feat from Fairphone :clap:


I received my update yesterday. Thank you!

One small bug though: It shows under apps and notifications that I have one app with notifications turned off. Unfortunately Android doesn’t show which one. But I scrolled through all of them and there is no app with muted notifications.

I guess it is a general bug?