FP2: After new Android version 10 installation connection with 4G constantly breaks after a while

A few days ago I installed on my FP2 the new Android version 10 (OS-22.02.0-rel.0) but after a while (few hours) the connectivity to 4G keeps failing. With a reboot the connectivity is resumed but after a while the same thing happens again.
Please let me know if you are aware of this issue and if there is a procedure to fix it.

And this always happens at the same place? Do you have no connection at all in those moments or only 2G or 3G? Have you tried airplane mode instead of reboot?

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Hi yvmuell, thanks a lot for your feedback!
I’m at a place where I usually have a very good 4G supply.
I will try the airplane mode instead of a reboot and see if this works better as a workaround but I find it very weird that my FP2 obviously looses silently the connectivity?
This did not happen in this frequency when running my FP2 with the old version 9 of Android.

Klingt ähnlich wie hier, da ist auch ein link zum bug tracker. Wenn du nur eine SIM nutzt, dann probiere doch mal den anderen

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Hi Yvonne, thanks for the feedback :wink:
Symptoms as described in the thread you are referring to are a bit different than mine.
However I was able to identify the issue with my FP2. With the Android version upgrade it seems that my settings for APN got apparently screwed.
So I set those up again via Settings/Netzwerk & Internet/Mobilfunknetz/Erweitert/Zugangspunkte (APNs) and voila it is working again :smiley:

Best wishes!


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