FP2 Android 10: OM image share does not work

Today I also switched to the latest update. First thanks to all to port Android 10 on a more than 5 years old smartphone, so security updates still are provided. :-))

I tested several apps. One app which makes some trouble with the new version:

When geotagging images after recording a track, I got the following problem:

I am unable to connect the camera. With the previos Android 9 version, this worked flawlessly.

Only the old Olympus app

works fine but I have to use a workaround: Olympus activates a small wifi hotspot without Internet access of course. This kind of WLAN has to be actived manually first (calling the network settings). Only then I am able to add the geotag on all photographs.

I moved your post to its own topic as it does not seem to be connected to 4G connectivity

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Just a shot in the dark: You might want to test if these settings make a difference:

System → Maintenance → Enhanced hardware features

I think especially Open GL might be a “candidate”.

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