FP1U – USB port broken

My wonderful FP1, 2nd Batch died today. The socket for the charger is broken and spare parts are not available. I was still using my first battery and everything worked perfectly as it always did since day 1. Just one spare part that I would have needed. This is a very sad day … :disappointed_relieved:

No Fairphone Angel nearby? You might be able to get a replacement.


Great idea - thanks! I didn’t know that there was such a thing a Fairphone-Angel. I am deeply impressed…! :smiley:

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Until perhaps an opportunity to fix this comes along, you could charge the battery in an external universal battery charger.

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Oh wow - never heard about those either. Great idea!!! Thank you!!!

Not sure if it’s that easy. As far as I know the USB connector for the FP1 needs soldering.
I wouldn’t be able to do that.

I actually thought of either a motherboard or a whole phone replacement, if available.

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According to earlier topics about broken FP1 USB connectors this should fit, too: https://uk.farnell.com/molex/105017-0001/micro-usb-2-0-type-b-receptacle/dp/2293836

In any case the new connector needs soldering. Just wanted to point that out.

Omg - that sounds far too complicated to me. The Smartphone-doctor here in Luebeck couldn’t help either. Those universal chargers seem to be a dead end too - as far as I have read so far.
I’ll probably exchange it with an FP 3 …
Thanks for all your efforts though! Highly appreciated!

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I guess nobody sells them anymore as smartphones with swappable batteries are very rare nowadays.
The manufacturer of my external charger still has it on their homepage, though: http://www.onite.com/?post_type=products&page_id=19632/

The cheap China piece I got for my Fairphone 2 batteries worked great so far, and is still available with different brand names … example … https://www.ebay.de/itm/Mobile-Universal-LCD-Akku-Ladegerat-Anzeige-fur-Handys-1-USB-Port-W-JD-ZD/283622879989

I can’t say much about Fairphone 1 batteries, though.

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Hi Elk! I looked at about twenty chargers yesterday. The FP 1 battery seems to be bigger than the everage battery nowadays … Some shippings from China take several weeks (which is longer than I can wait to have a working phone).
It’s probably time to say goodbay … :smiley:
Thanks again for your help!

That’s true. Back then one also had to pay attention to buy a charger where the FP1 battery actually fits. So it most likely was already bigger than the batteries of old :smiley:

Hey Meike,

hast Du Dein Fairphone noch? Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, funktioniert der Akku selbst noch? Ich wäre sehr sehr interessiert, falls Du ihn mir irgendwie zukommen lassen wollen würdest… <3!
Mein Akku bläht sich schon einige Zeit auf und ich würde das Handy so gerne weiterbenutzen!

Viele liebe Grüße,

Franzi : )

If the connector is the only thing that is damaged: I have done the same repair (replacing a micro USB port soldered to the motherboard) on another phone. Wasn’t too difficult even though I am not a professional or good with soldering at all.

I suggest you try to find some place that is experienced with board level repairs also called “microsoldering”. It should be a piece of cake for them.

If you can’t find a professional place to do it for you I am willing to attempt the repair for free if you can cover part costs (USB port should be a few Euro max) and bring/ship the phone to me. But I can’t guarantee that I will succeed.

Either way it would be a shame to throw a repairable device away.


See, that’s the funny thing. There are plenty of repair-centers available, but once it comes to the board level most of them seem to be out of the race.

So (plug&play) replacing full components after fighting ones way through sticky glue and stuff seems common.
As you say replacing an USB port is not the most challenging task as they are usually not placed within the center but on the edge of the PCB often with some space around them.
Soldering in general does not seem to be the most preferred way to fix such an issue by many repair-centers as it looks, rather replacing the full core module or component or reject a repair query. Several users here reported that even replacing an USB port for a Fairphone often was rejected by repair-centers.

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Hi Franzi – leider nein. Ich hab’s an Fairphone zurückgeschickt, nachdem ich das FP 3 bekommen habe. Sorry!!! Ich drück die Daumen für noch eine lange Nutzung!!!

Hey Meike,

ich habe einen FP1-Akku, sowie zwei FP1 zu vergeben.
Könnte ihn dir geben.

Liebe Grüße,

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Moin Lynn - das ist nett, aber ich habe inzwischen ein FP 3. ‘Baumfranzi’ (irgendwo in diesem Thread) suchte noch ein FP 1 Aku.
Viele Grüße

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