My FP1: Six years and counting! | Who is still using their FP1?

6 years since January 14. And still perfect in my hands.


Once a proud owner of the FP1 (series 1) I left the phone alone some time ago.
It first went to my wife, as she doesn’t use a smartphone extensively, running 4.4.4 and as the FP2 was too expensive for me, I bought a LG G3 for a couple of tenners. The advantage of the LG G3: flagship phone with replaceable battery and very good support from LineageOS (factory image = Android 6, LineageOS = Android 9 with up-to-date security patch and Android 10 on the horizon).
After some time the PH1 wasn’t good enough for my wife anymore (too many apps became incompatible), so the next step was to pass the LG G3 to her and to buy an LG G4 for myself (same advantages as mentioned above). This was because the FP3 wasn’t up to my standards (no OIS and screen brightness too high).

Long story short: I love the philosophy behind FairPhone, and my current part of taking care of the environment (phone wise) is to extend the life of old phones with years and years.

BTW: If anybody is interested in my PH1-s1 (in perfect condition, running Android 4.4.4 with 2 2100mAh batteries): just sent me a PM.

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I just updated my FP1 to Android 4.4.4 - and after some work, I am happy with it! I will surely use it for (hopefully) another 1 or 2 years!


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I am also using the FP1 first batch of crowdfunding edition with the second battery. (Badge please). The battery cover is holded with washi tape and I’ve just repaired the front camera: the pictured were blured: the glue of the camera cover has molten and smeared in the inside. I’m just discovering there’s a port of android 4.4 working, I will have a look because many apps are not working anymore, like Signal and Shazam.



I am still using my Fairphone 1 First Edition. (Still convinced that one should not buy a new celluar phone every 5 years :slight_smile: ) Unfortunately more and more websites I cannot open any more. How do you handle that? Any recommendation which browser one can use?. Also, since a few weeks I have to empty the cache every two days as it is indicated, that the storge is full, once I opend a couple of the websites which still work.



As a browser for the FP1 I would recommend Firefox, which is available for Android 4.4.4. I don’t know if it’s also available for lower versions, but it does a good job here.

Great, thank you! I will try

Still in use, working mostly fine except for some new apps, but one of my Sim providers is stopping support end of 2020. Beginning to convert to the FP3.


Have you tried Fennec? Basically just a Firefox browser with a different name. Only requires Android 4.1.

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Happy Birthday, my FP1U! :slight_smile:


6 years for my FP1 too
Light user too But Now the battery is nearly dead :pensive:


If you want to continue to use your Fairphone 1, have a look at the post replacement battery Fairphone 1.

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“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Try 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

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The link targets were garbled. Fixed.

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Where’s my/our 6 years of FP1 usage badge??? :wink:

You just have asked for it.