FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

Sorry to read that.

I also had a bloated battery. On 6 Sep I phoned the Support, on 7 Sep the replacement battery was sent to me and I got it delivered two days later (in Belgium).

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Can we add a battery to our current order (Faire Phone 2) without paying extra (47€) delivery tax ?

I’m not sure what delivery tax you are talking about. It is not possible to add items to a paid for order as written here:

You would have to pay a new shipping fee but regular taxes would apply to the battery.

The displays are again (still?) out of stock (29.11.15).

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Austria is in need of replacement screens (be it A or B quality)!


@anon48893843, @Douwe, why are they still/again out of stock?

Replacement screens will be available again in the shop before the end of the month.

If your screen is broken in warranty, you can send it to us to have it replaced.

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How can a screen be broken in warranty? Do they break on their own? Or is dropping your FP1 also a reason for a warranty replacement?

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If a screen was not produced correctly and is broken because of that, it falls under warranty.
Damages that occur because the user drops their phone on the sidewalk or in water/soup or other liquids are not covered by warranty.


Great - I dropped mine today and it has shattered. On the plus side that means I get to take it apart!

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I don’t want to spoil anything here, but if you want to know what to expect, when taking your screen apart, see this thread. :slight_smile:

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You’re running out of time to keep this “by the end of the month” promise. Are display units still expected to be in stock this year?

The lack of availability of common replacements, a key selling point of the fairphone, has been a very souring experience; certainly one that has put me off the fairphone 2.

Hi Dan,

The forum is typically a place for community members to talk to each other. Questions or discussion with the Fairphone team should happen one-to-one through customer support channels. We know having a statement about the display availability would be helpful, so I’m flagging our customer support manager @anon48893843. But for now, many of us will be on a Christmas break.

I think for the quickest answer, it’s best to stick with a private customer support request, as those will be checked more quickly than forum topics over the holiday period.



I’ve got a bit mixed thoughts about buying a new fairphone 2 after waiting for weeks for a new display assembly to become available:

  • I’ve bought a new device while the old one could, in principle, be easily repaired. Exactly the thing I wanted to prevent by choosing the fairphone in the first place.
  • OTOH, I’ve replaced almost every other part (midframe, motherboard, battery) already. So the promise of the phone has mostly been kept.
  • But it feels like that with the new FP2, support for the FP1 is significantly reduced (e.g., not even an update on the availability of the display assembly, for weeks). This sets bad precedence for the brand.
  • Nevertheless, I expect that the support for FP1 will improve with the FP2 launch madness receding in the next weeks. But my screen is cracking more and more so I didn’t dare to wait.

Perhaps I’ll fix my screen later anyway. That is, if the phone survives long enough.


End of December is passed now. Would it be possible to get an updated delivery time when the screens are available?


Yes, still waiting for any official news on this.

Hey guys. First of all, let me say that we are not satisfied with the current flow of spare parts coming from China to the Netherlands. This is affecting you as FP1 customers, so our apologies for the inconvenience on this.

We have set up a new supply chain using the same partners as for FP2 to ensure continued quality and availability. However, to get production started and get a steady spare parts flow to the Netherlands has been proving difficult - as you have obviously noticed. But as soon as we get going, spare parts should be coming in steadily.

Our operations director Steve is currently in China to assure things will go more smoothly from now on. As soon as I hear back from him, I will update here. Thanks for just a bit more patience!


Thank you for the update Michiel_S. Hopefully we’ll get more parts soon!

My screen broke about two months ago. Since then we’ve moved houses, I’ve switched jobs, our first son was born and my father passed away. And Christmas and new years eve of course. I’ve made hundreds of calls and snapped hundreds of pictures, all with a broken screen.

Unfortunately I’ve bought a new FP2 very late, because I was/am hoping to repair my old FP1. October to January FP2 orders will be shipped in February, according to the FP2 delivery update we just got. So it seems I’ll be stuck with a broken screen for another 6 weeks or so :-(.

My apologies for this negative post. I’m so very tired, and having this broken phone doesn’t help. Perhaps I just needed to share my emotions. Thank you for not forgetting us FP1 owners!


Does the repair center have the spare parts themselves, or are they also waiting?

Jep, hi there. Here’s one more FP1 user who needs a new display.
Looking forward to the update on when the spare parts will be available again :slight_smile:

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And one more FP1 user in need of a display assembly. Also, I just received a reply on a support thread. It said:

"We now found a reliable partner, started production and we are happy about the fact that we have a first batch of 300 displays arriving later in January.
This unfortunately means that for the coming weeks, we won’t have displays for sales in our webshop.

Of course you can also choose to send your phone to our repair centre to get the display repaired."