FP1 seems dead and does not react anymore

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my FP1. It started about Christmas that every now and then general apps (for example contacts or messages) closed all of a sudden and were only available after restarting my phone.

At the beginning of January the phone then froze completely. It took several attempts to restart it. When I pressed the start botton the phone fibrated twice but apart from that nothing happened. I took the battery out, after that I tried to restart. The screen turned blue, but then froze again before even getting to the fairphone logo. I tried that several times and then gave up. Later I realized that the battery was really hot although it seemed that the phone was turned off completely (black screen). The next day the phone turned on without a problem.

It was then running completely fine untill a week ago. After having a call the phone froze again. I had to take the battery out to stop it. Since then I can´t find a way to get it running again. I also can´t activate recovery mode. The phone does not react to anything. When I plug it in the battery lamp is not even reacting. We already dried to open the phone up completely and put it back together again - without any succsess.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and if there is something we could still try to get it going - or to at least get the data out (for some reason the last back-up is not running either :frowning: )

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Does nowone have any ideas?

Vaguely sounds like a defect motherboard to me. Getting the data off it would be quite difficult then – probably not without a professional recovery service, perhaps even tricky for them.

You can look for a working (used) motherboard here in the unofficial marketplace and/or consult a Fairphone Angel (might have a spare motherboard)

Should you decide to give up on the phone, please donate or sell parts needed by others (especially the display unit). Fairphone Angels also take them.

Thank you for your answer! If it would be the motherboard - changing it would also mean to loose all the data, right? So I should try the recovery service first?

Yes, the motherboard includes the 16 GB built-in storage which probably has all your data – unless you had inserted and were using a microSD card for that.

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