FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

Since I updated to 1.9.9-pre2 sometimes the display cannot be turned off using the on off button. The problem only occurs when I am trying to turn the display off and not when I try to turn it on.
Does anybody else have the same problem?

I experience this from time to time (also before the alpha, but probably not before @chrmhoffmann’s KitKat). I work around it using Gravity Box. There is a setting called “double click navigation bar to turn off display” or similar.

I encountered the same problem

I seem to observe something similar: I find my location very quickly using the SatStat application, but it’s extremely slow (or not working) with the Maps.me application. It’s like they are accessing the GPS in completely different ways, with only one working…

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I had a “funny” error which took me hours and a wipe to solve,
the update to pre-2 deleted my SMS Service Center on my sim-card, and I had to set it manually.

The Fairphone is also not working with my BLE Smart led lamp but I orderd a Bluefruit LE Sniffer to log the Bluetooth and compare it with what should be send and what is actually send. Here is a good manual for that.


Weird thing happened to me…

I was in flight mode and than my FP1 got stuck in the connecting screen when trying to turn WiFi on…

I turned it off when turned on again same thing… finally I put it in flight mode again and then it worked…

I’ve never heard of this one. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the details.

Does anyone have more details? How often does it happen? When does it happen?

I’ll write something up this week. In short: Yes, there is progress. The current work involves merging 4.4.4 and applying security patches because we learned the hard way that we do duplicate work if we first work on an issue (because it might be fixed by the patches or it might be reintroduced by them). For instance, I spent a couple of weeks writing functionality of recovery (the two staged upgrade that first flashes recovery, reboots and then flashes the system which you see in pre2) before I realized that the functionality actually exists in 4.4.4.


@jftr when are you planning on releasing the kernel sources for this kitkat build? technically you have to (gpl) :wink:

What does that mean? What is the “SMS Service Center on [your] sim-card”? Are you speaking of the Short Message service center (SMSC)?

How could it be removed and how can you tell? What are consequences of this?

We definitely will do this. However, it is a little bit tricky to extract everything from the build system necessary to create a working build while at the same time ensuring not to leak source copyrighted by Mediatek. We have released kernel source for previous releases and for our other phone already and will continue doing so.


Yes I am talking about he Short Message service center (SMSC). I think normally Android gets this number straight from the sim-card but in my case the number on the sim-card couldn’t be read or was deleted in the update process. Going back to Koala Nut didn’t change anything.

When the SMSC isn’t set, the phone can’t send a sms and it always tells “failure the message couldn’t be sent” and nothing more.
The same with non standard apps like Signal Messenger with sms functionality.

I found this number on the website of my carrier and set in the options of the standard sms app.

I can imagine 2 reasons for that:

  • my sim-card has kind of hardware defect
  • Signal was the standard messenger app in the update process, but the smsc is set in the standard app so it wasn’t retrieved on update, but this does not explain why going back to 1.8.7 and a wipe wasn’t working.

I hope this helps, maybe for a FAQ.

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I cannot find a pattern. Rebooting solves the problem for some days

… And besides the stability issue of BT LE When I try to turn BT off an on again the set button doesn’t react. I have to reboot the phone before being able to change Bluetooth settings again.

Can you please create an adb bugreport and send it to beta@fairphone.com when this happens again? Thanks

Hej, I have been using 1.9.9 for some time now, so I wanted to share what I have noticed.
I haven’t read all the previous comments though, so I might be repeating known issues, I apologize for that.

So this are the problems I’ve encountered

  • repeting popup of with the message that Google Play-Services were stopped
  • the GPS is working working good with some apps, but acts really poor with others
  • I have to charge more often than with the previous version
  • one time I had an abrupt drop in charge (see )
  • the display doesn’t go in standby when I’m talking on the phone, which caused some interrupted phone calls, because I hung up with my ear
  • I’m not sure it is about the os, but the app c:geo does not work and firefox crashes quite often

not really bugs, but things that bother me:

  • no restart option, when long-pressing the top button
  • the reminder that my second sim-slot is empty after every start

to summarize: I haven’t encountered any severe bugs, overall it works great. But I think I will switch back to the Kola Nut until a stable version is out.

Thank you to the Fairphone-Team for your great work! I really appreciate this open way of software developement :slight_smile:


Hey, some comments on my behalf:

This has been reported by some other people too. Maybe we should move the posts reporting this into a new post/bug report.


The automatic turn off of the display is triggered by the proximity sensor. Use an app that can display the output of that sensor (like SatStat), to see if it is working properly (in my case the sensor output is “-” because my proximity sensor is broken).

I’m most interested in this issue. I experience it myself and other people too:

Did you at one point use Pokemon Go?

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Thank you for your quick answer.

I checked with SatStat and the proximity changes between 0 and 1cm when I hold my hand before the sensor, no other values.

I had indeed pokemon go installed for like a week. I didn’t came in thought that there might be a connection, but when I remember correctly the crashes started around that time. They happen mostly on websites with many interactive elements or high data usage, f.e. YouTube…


Is there any news? :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry for not posting the link here. We have updated the FAQ on this topic and this is where we will continue doing so:

Some more in depth update for you guys here:

  • We are slowly migrating away from the Mediatek build system. Our first step was to split the one giant git repository into several repositories and using repo for managing them.
  • That also means that we have moved all code into repositories based on AOSP which will make it easier to merge the upstream patches for 4.4.4
  • There is some progress on the erratic battery consumption (also thanks to @sampumon)
  • While moving repositories and splitting commits, I have also implemented the requested reboot option in the power menu and have deactivated the automatic conversion from SMS to MMS after three concatenated messages.
  • Currently we are testing a new alpha build and might release it this or next week if no major blocker shows up.
  • Lot’s of tiny other stuff.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: We are excited about @danxuliu having gotton TWRP to run on FP1: