FP crashes / restarts / reboots when I make a call / SMS


Loving the FP1. Everything went well the first few months. But beginning last week, about 50% of the time when I answer a call, or make a call, or start a SMS, or pick up my phone to do anything else, it crashes and restarts automatically!

This makes using the phone very impractical since half the time someone calls me, the call is cut off after 2-3 seconds and I have to wait for it to restart.

I was waiting for the new OS hoping that an software upgrade would automatically fix the bug. Is there an easy way I can fix my phone today? Thanks in advance for your help.


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did you install any new apps around the time the problems started?

If you cannot find the reason for the random restarts (e.g. an app like @paulakreuzer suggested), you should do a hard reset because then very probably your system got messed up irreversibly.

PS.: I, for example, did never install Google Apps on my current setup because it digs far too deep into the system for my taste and messes around. Only had one or two restarts in like half a year.

Thank you. I deleted the few apps I installed in the last couple of months, including Spotify, which never seemed to work right. Now, unfortunately, even with the apps gone, the same problem remains, although a little less frequently. And there’s now a little message in the lower left hand corner that says “Safe Mode”.

Any suggestions? Maybe I should I just wait for the new OS so I can start fresh?

My FPhone restarts several times every day: almost any time someone calls me and anytime I want to call or sms someone. By restarting, calls are cut. My familiars knows they always has to call me twice ! This is not a network problem said my operator (Orange Switzerland).
Thank you for your help.

  1. @mducrey, this is exactly what keeps happening to me! The problem got better and then got worse again. I deleted all possibly problematic apps as recommended. We appear to have the same problem. Does anyone out there have a solution for us?

  2. I can’t realistically do a “hard reset” because my phone doesn’t connect to my Macbook Pro and so I can’t backup the phone. I connect the cable to the computer but it won’t recognize it.

Not feeling great about Fairphone these days. Can’t really recommend it if it doesn’t work.

It works for so many people and it’s a pity that it doesn’t work for you, but it’s not like everyone would have troubles with their FPs!

Try the following: Install FTP Server from F-Droid. You will then be able to access your FP’s files through a browser (e.g. Safari) by entering the IP followed by the port (the app will tell you what to type).
Do a backup and then hard reset your phone.

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Hello Brody,

my LOVELY fairphone (first batch) does this every day. It’s really annoying. I do not like to make important phonecalls with it anymore.
Most of the time the connection is lost, it starts again and doesn’t need a pin to reenter the network - funny.
I upgraded to 1.8, but it didn’t help. Now I’m back to 1.6 to do the storage expanding.
I backuped my data with “myphoneexplorer” (Windows + app) and will now erase all data.
If I’m not back in 1 h, please call a developer :wink:
Good luck!

Okay. It took a little bit longer. But now my phone is almost ready to use.
We will see, if it will crash again …
I will report.

Can’t deal with this anymore, its gotten much worse. Cant back up phone.
Cant connect to my mac. Fairphones might be more ethical but unfortunately
they dont work well! Sad to say but time to look into an iPhone. I need a
reliable tool.

Sad to hear that! :frowning:
Did you try the FTP option, like I described in the post above?

Good News:
My fairphone didn’t crash/reboot accidently anymore.
I will report, if it happens again.

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I managed to back up the phone, thanks. But for some reason the hard reset isn’t working. When I hold volume up and power, I don’t get a green android robot nor an option to restore factory settings. I get three options for type of reboot, in what looks like DOS. Is there another way maybe?

Yeah that’s the new menu. You need to choose the first option, which says “[Recovery Mode]”. (There are instructions on how to navigate.)

I tried that but it didn’t erase anything or go back to factory reset. The same problem remains, it regularly crashes when I try to call or send SMS, or answer a call, or check my email.

You need to wipe data/cache partition. Take a look at the hard reset guide again. Maybe you missed something?

For a few months now, when I am on a telephone call, the call just disconnects, and the phone partially shuts down - loses the network connection, all apps disappear from the main screen. And remains like that for about 20 seconds, and then everything comes back to normal, and I can try to establish the call again.

Often it happens when I try to increase/decrease the volume of the call with the side volume buttons, but sometimes it just happens for no reason.

This disconnection problem happens actually quite often (at least once a week), can happen in a row when I am still in the same call, but then can take several calls to happen again.

Is there a way of solving this problem?

I moved your post here. I know it’s not the exact same problem you are describing but I think it’s quite similiar and so is the solution probably.

I had the same experience as @laisdeal. Hard reset or the new update haven’t changed that problem. At least the apps don’t disappear anymore since the last update. By the way, how can I tell which app might harm the OS not to operate in the way it should do? I actually expect a smartphone to handle a dozen apps without getting buggy.

Does this happen with any SIM card? An old SIM card might cause such issues.