FP crashes / restarts / reboots when I make a call / SMS

The same happens to my FP since the update to Koala nut (no new apps!). Before, it happened maybe every second month once, now, it happens more or less twice a day.

The problem occurs with both my private, old SIM (eplus/o2) and my new business SIM (Vodafone). Both incomming calls and making calls. About 1 second after the connection is installed, the connection is lost and the bluescreen with “Fairphone” appears. After 2 or 3 seconds, it requests to enter the PINs of both SIM cards and then, it returns to the usual mode and I can call the others back.

It has never happened with SMS.

I have an encrypted phone of the second batch. My wife has a non-encrypted fairphone of the first batch, same SIM-variant, same apps (even far more) and has not seen the same problem once.
Thus, I think it is somehow connected to the encryption and the update.

Hey @F_Barrenbach!

I’m not sure whether I have the same problem as you but I have the FP1 first badge and it crashes way too often since the 1.8.5 update.

In my case it doesn’t appear within calls. A crash occurres every now and then when I use the phone, for example while opening an app or settings, just looking at it or typing a text.
While I know that it’s not connected to the SIM-cards, I strongly suspect the battery to cause these issues because the display and a network connection consumes more power than other background activities on the phone.

Unfortunately the support and I couldn’t verify this hypothesis but could you find a solution?

[Edit by @Stefan: @vanSun also reported this here.]

Unfortunately this has been a problem with FP1 from the beginning (january 2014). I had this problem you discribe whitin a week of having the phone. I had contacted FP several times about this. First they told me to do a hard rest. I did this several times but to no effect. I even did a hard reset and only added the standerd apps, still the same problem. After contacting them again they told me that the problem would be solved with the OS update 1.3 (april 2014). The problem persisted even with the later updates. FP than asked me to sent them the phone for repairs. I got it back and they told me there was no problem with the phone. Since there was I made several video’s of the phone crashing and rebooting for no reason and sent it to them. The phone was again send for repairs but the problem wasn’t solved. Out of frustration i asked for my money back and bought an other phone ( october 2014). I was very disappointed because i like the concept but if the phone isn’t functioning it of no use to me.

I checked my battery like described in the forum. The battery is fine and it’s not a complete re-boot like switching it off/on. It’s just a blue screen for a few seconds, then everything is back again.
It happen’swithin one or two seconds when a call comes in. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t save the caller’s number so it’s up to me to recognize the name or remember the number within two seconds… :frowning:

Same for me - I also think about buying another phone although I like the “fair”-concept very much. But first of all, I need a phone that works reliably.

Unbelievable. After the update, the phone again reboots several times a day. Just like at the very beginning. Again, the phone is just not useable as a daily device. I love the idea of fairphone, but the technology is worse than my very first Nokia in the 90’s… how ridiculous is that… I did hard resets, updates, de-installed all apps, I do not have sim-lock or face-unlock… but I’m sure the first question of the Support will be " please try a hard reset…". It’s so so so so ridiculous and annoying…

Hey @jan I’m sorry about your troubles but please don’t badmout the fairphone’s technology in general because of one device with troubles.

I don’t see an earlier post by you in this thread so please provide some more information. When (what os) did the problems first appear, were they gone before the update? When did they stop? Spontaniously or did you do something to solve them? …

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Hi everyone!

I often (= around every 3 incoming call) encounter the following problem, that seems to be one of those described in this topic: when I receive an incoming call, I can answer during a few seconds but then the Fairphone OS crashes. As the screen is turned off when I put the phone on my ear, it takes a few seconds before the screen reappears. Apps and widgets remain not visible and the Fairphone is disconnected from the network (the icon shows a little red cross). Then the Fairphone OS seems to relaunch the services as the apps and widgets reappear and as it reconnects to the network. All inclusive, it takes maybe 20 seconds for me to get my Fairphone back. And I’ve missed the call after 5 seconds!
Is there a way I can log the incident? For instance, is it possible to monitor the standard calling app in order to see what technically happens when it crashes? Or is there still a log of the Fairphone OS when I can see the crash just after it happens?

Thanks in advance for your help!

There possibly is an output, when you use logcat (got any hints here, @fp1_wo_sw_updates?), but I’d do some less technical troubleshooting first, to narrow down the issue.

  1. Does this happen with the same incoming number, or with different callers?
  2. Does it happen, when you put a different SIM-card in your phone?
  3. Does another phone have the same problem with your SIM-card?
  4. Have you cleared the data of your Telephone app? (settings > apps > all > telephone > clear data)

I hope we can solve this thing together! :slight_smile:

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Yes, attaching logcat (phone + usb) and logging the errors. Hopefully there is an application that has some “Java Runtime” issues (=crashes) during that moment … if he figures that one out, I’m sure other people will be able to look more into that and to see if it is a hardware or a software issue. But just assuming.

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Thanks for your answers.
Surprisingly and happily, I didn’t encounter the problem since my previous message!
I’ll keep you up to date if it reappears.

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