FP 3 - Sleep mode after 30 sec (looking for solution WITHOUT root or programming skills)

So frustrated!
One of the main reasons for me to switch from FP2 to FP3 was the bug with the sleep mode. That the display goes to sleep mode after 30 sec no matter what number of minutes I choose in the settings!

I only find “solutions” that need the phone to be rooted.
I CANNOT AND DO NOT WANT to root my phone. I am only a normal, normal-technical person that wants their phone to WORK AS I TELL IT TO.

Who can help me? How can I sove this without having to reprogramme the phone in root-systems I cannot understand? (I googled a little before purchasing the fp3, because my fp2 had several issues, but it seems too risky and too advanced for me)

I neighter have this issue with my FP3, nor - as far as i can remember - with my FP2.
Which settings have you used?
Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Sleep?

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Same for me, no problem on my Fairphone 2 or on my Fairphone 3.
I have set this to 2 minutes and it works as intended.

Do you have an App or a launcher installed which could somehow override this (perhaps the same App or launcher on both phones)?


Hej, no I have no launcher-app that I am aware of. I put the setting to display-advanced-sleep-30 min and it still turns off after 30 sec.
I mean, I have lots of apps and I copied all the apps to the new phone, so both have the same, but I cannot think of anything that would be about battery/sleep/energy?
Do you think one of those might be the cuprit? Local account, cm lite, night screen, face app, face swap, open camera? There is literally no app that might seem to have to do with those things.

The only think I could change is in the security-settings to put the automatical lock to a longer time after sleep, so if i press the power button within 1 min after the screen went to sleep, I at least don’t have to log in again. But I want the screen to stay alive as long as I tell it to :frowning:

Well, if not battery/sleep/energy, then I would perhaps be thinking screen.

If cm lite is Clean Master Lite, then this could be screen-related, Night screen literally is screen-related.

How probable is it that you would have the same problem on 2 phones running different Android versions (if you were not running Android 9.0 in the form of LineageOS 16.0 on your Fairphone 2) on different hardware, when other people don’t have this problem? But you are roughly using the same set of Apps.

You might consider uninstalling Apps one by one to find the culprit … or doing a factory reset and adding your Apps one by one.

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Hej, good idea, but unfortunately, at least those two apps were not the culprit. I could uninstall all apps one by one just to be sure, but I really can’t immagine one of them doing this. At least for FP2 there were a lot of people experiencing the same problem, but they fixed it by rooting. My partner uses many of my apps, too, on another phone,and never had the screen-sleep issue… But until someone knows what the problem is, I willl try the uninstalling-every-app tomorrow and see what happens. Factory reset I won’t do, the phone is completely new and it took me several hours today to do all the settings I need…

As you’ve moved from FP2 to FP3 you might consider doing a factory reset on the FP2. You should do this anyway before giving it away. I’m sure the problem on the FP2 disappears when doing a factory reset. This has been approved in several topics. Then you might try to reinstall all the apps there to verify if an app generates the problem…
For the FP3 there’s probably no known solution as you seem to be the first and only one with this problem up to now. I’m really sorry for you :worried:
You might try to #contactsupport but I’m not too optimistic they can help (more than recommending a factory reset)…

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