🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Dealing with new Fairphone3

Hi, I am new to Fairphone and have a Fairphone 3. I have a lot of difficulties and questions, as I am also unfamiliar with Android: Before, I had a Windows phone and found that rather good working and easily usable. The whole logic behind Android ist not easy to me. Some of the questions:

  1. It seems to me that my fairphone ignores my settings concerning the time until the FP3 goes to sleep mode. How can I fix that easily, meaning: without rooting the appliance?
  2. What settings and rights for which apps are necessary to bring photos from the app to my computer by USB cable direct without going over the Google Cloud? I tried (also with help from support), but did not succeed.
  3. How and where can I configure where the fotos are to be stored? I would like them to be on my SD card. Do I have to do certain definitions/configurations if I want to use an SD card properly?
  4. If I go to the photos-App I get four folders on the appliance where fotos are stored: Camera, Camera Roll, Thumbnail and Art. There are fotos in the camera- and camera-roll-folder, but nothing appears if I click on Thumbnail and Art. How do I know where these fotos are stored (physically) on the phone?
  5. The Fairphone is astonishingly slow. If I try to phone someone, it takes a long while until it dials the number and I can hear the ringtone. Anything I can do against that?

In total, I have to say for a user that is new to Android and Fairphone, this is a rough ride. I would not advise any user who just wants to use a phone, not to spend his time trying and searching in user forums or chatting with support to buy that - even though I love the screwdriver and modular concept.

Hoping for some enlighteining answers


Well, I don’t know where support has already gone through with you. But generally it’s easy:

  1. Connect your phone via a USB data cable to your PC (be aware that not all USB cables are data cables!)
  2. Unlock your phone
  3. Pulling down from top with one finger, one of the appearing options should say: Charging this device via USB, Tap for more options.
  4. Tap on this option and change it to File Transfer
  5. In the file explorer of your PC you should see your FP3 under “This PC” and there you can find the data part including your photos. Just copy or move them to your PC.

Hey,welcome to this community.
I switched from windows phone to fairphone 3 too. But it seems I didn’t had quite this much trouble with my new phone appart from some inconveniences.

There was another thread where the suggestion was, that some app might overwrite this specific setting. Check out installed apps’s settings, that might control screen, battery or such. Or try deleting them to fix the issue.

As far as I know none. When you connect your phone with your pc, there should be some installation of drivers on your pc. After that you should be able to change some trasfer modes on your phone via the message in the notification center. Check if any of them work. Your PC should display your phone with at least one of them.

With the standard camera app, that comes with your phone, you can change the storage folder in the options of the app itself.

You will see the general folder structure, if you open any file manger app, or if you connect your phone with your pc.

Maybe some app you have installed is causing this. Try deleting unwanted apps and check if it helps. Last resort would be a factory reset.


Hello Volker,
I did that. Tghe PC screen shows all the folders, but no data (no files). That was why I was discussing with the support.


It shows “just” two folders (one for internal storage another one for external SD card) or even folders within that folders?

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Hallo Volker,
ich habs hingekriegt, danke für Deine Bemühungen. Die Bilder waren weder in Pictures noch an irgendwelchen anderen Ordnern, sondern in einem Ordner DCIM und auf dem lokalen Speicher, wo ich sie nie vermutet hätte. Zudem habe ich es geschafft, die Karte als Speichermedium zu wählen.
Ich finde, Android ist für Neulinge leider alles andere als selbsterklärend, und das Fairphone3 leider entsetzlich langsam. Aber was solls, dafür kannst Du ja nichts.

Frohe Weihnachten und guten Rutsch

Ariane Rüdiger


Just a thought/guess: In case you transferred many picture files the phone might be busy creating thumbnails for them.
Depending on the amount of files, this might take a while but sooner or later it should come to an end.
A permanent slowness will most likely have a different cause.

PS: I do not have such a speed problem with my FP3.


DCIM ist der Standardordner für Digitalfotos.
Auch eine DSLR erstellt einen solchen Ordner auf ihren Speicherkarten.
Ich meine, dass das für Digital Camera IMages steht.


Freut mich sehr, das zu hören, Glückwunsch! :grinning:

Diese Methodik hat Android vermutlich von Digitalkameras “geerbt”. Da ist das auch so. Weitere Details hat ja @BertG geschrieben.

Ja, ich denke, da hat du Recht. Vielleicht schaffst du es ja mal zu einem lokalen Fairphoners Treffen. Da kannst du ein paar Tipps abholen. :grinning:

Das ist mit Sicherheit nicht normal.


Hallo Ariane,

das hier

sollte auf keinen Fall so sein. Lass dir mal von deinem Netzbetreiber eine Konfigurations-SMS schicken, eventuell hilft das.

Generell würde ich dir, nachdem Windows Phone ja eine nachgerade komplett andere Welt ist, erst einmal die wirklich gute Hilfe von Google zu Android ans Herz legen, insbesondere die Kapitel “Einführung in Android” und “Android-Einstellungen ändern”.

Die Tutorials von Fairphone selbst finde ich auch recht gut gemacht.

Viele Grüße und guten Rutsch

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