Forgotten PIN for display/ not booting in recovery mode

my Fairphone 2 shows me, that the PIN I’m useing to unlock the display is wrong.
First: I’m wondering that the PIN I’m useing allways ist not accepted.
Second: Even after I put 5 times the wrong PIN in, on the display doesn’t appear a field with “password forgotten”. I read on the internet, that by this button, I could accesse by the google account to unlock the fairphone.
Third: Also by suggestions on the web I tried to access the recovery mode. If i choose bootloader, the phone is just showing the Fairphone logo without continuing booting. The phone is not booting in Recovery mode, just in normal mode
Thanks for your help,

Hi Monica,
Welcome to the forum. What combination of “buttons” were you using, as keeping “Volume Down + Power” elicits “Bootloader mode” with Fairphone logo (Blue LED) and “Volume Up + Power” should produce “Recovery mode” but not always easy to produce as in this thread:

Also need to consider whether you have backed up essential data at some point as “Restoring to factory settings” does just that.


“Bootloader” is #dic:fastboot here. So it’s normal that it shows logo and doesn’t go on.

Recovery mode is described here: #dic:recovery and this means you press VolumeUp+power while turning phone on.

EDIT: and regarding your pin problem you might have a look at e.g. this topic:


Thank you for your replies.
I have used power + volume up. I got on the menu where you can choose what to do next.
From there I have chosen bootloader waiting to have a next step with recovery mode. But there it stopped booting.
The intention was to allow ADB, which now is not allowed on the phone.
I wanted to delete the lock file to access it, but because of these settings, I can not access it.
The only way that I can see devices using
adb devices
is if I select from that menu update from ADB, but that setting doesn’t give me access to delete lock files.
I have no idea how to continue. Thank you in advance for your help.

Bootloader (= Fastboot Mode) is a different mode to boot the phone into, it doesn’t help you much if you want to use recovery mode.

ADB only works with a booted Android OS or a recovery program with ADB support. The stock recovery might not help with that, but perhaps I’m not up-to-date as I don’t use it.

You might be interested in using TWRP, see #twrpwoflashing .
TWRP supports a subset of ADB commands. In case it doesn’t support deleting files via ADB it has a built-in terminal you could use to do the job.

I think this only starts ADB Sideload, which specifically is for installing files only and wouldn’t allow anything else.


Hy another Elk,
well it seems very difficult, even impossible to access to the fairphone if not remebering the wright display-PIN.
I can’t believe that the producers didn’t look for a remedy yet! That Fairphone or Google or somebody else was not interested to create a possibility to reaccess phone after have prooving to be legitimate owner of the Fairphone.
That everybody could hinder himself so foolish and easely, and no one could help…
I can’t understand

This should serve as a strong hint that it is not likely that you would get such a feature or service. It wouldn’t be all around good to have such a back door, identity theft being a thing etc.

The usual remedy for being locked out is to factory reset the phone in recovery mode and restore any kind of backup after that.
If you get locked out of your door, you pay with money to get back in. If you get locked out of your phone, you pay with having to set everything up again, and with losing stuff you didn’t back up.

At least you might still have a chance with your phone now, but if you can still do something about it, so could anybody who might steal or find it.
As long as you didn’t actively choose to encrypt it.

With more and more new devices now encrypting user data by default, which is a very good thing, as soon as you set up a screen lock there should be no chance to get back in or access user data once the screen unlock method (which serves as the decryption key) gets lost.


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