Foldable Fairphone 2 Available

After some hard work and a loads of fun @Beth_Russell finished the foldable Fairphone 2 today!
(She even made the modules in paper!)

- Download the PDF’s here -
[15 Oct 2021 edit by @urs_lesse: Find all the sheets for download in my reply here.]

So get your scissors and glue ready and block out your agenda this weekend. :smile:
There are three different ones. Let us know which one you like best!


Cool! For sure the modular one is the best! :smile:

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I agree, the modular one is the best, followed by the windmill. I love the modules and that all parts have a front and back :slight_smile:

Mind, I would have liked them even better without g***le advertisement.


What a nice idea for giving away a fp2 for Christmas, considering the delivery time. Thanks!


Here’s mine!


While there have been some more variations added to the foldable cards, the foldable modular Fairphone 2 seems to have disappeared both from Douwe’s original link (see above) and a second, newer article including the PDFs. Is that for a purpose @Douwe? I actually saved the modular one to my computer, so it’s not lost for me, but maybe there’s a reason why it’s not online anymore.


It’s still in the linklist @Douwe originally linked to:
FoldUpFP2-EspeciallyForYou-small (1).pdf

So, a FP2 is still a gift option for x-mas. :wink:


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While it’s a thing from a past long, long ago, I think it would be a pity if this was going all lost. So I’ll just upload all the foldable FP2 sheets that were created back then:

FoldUpFP2-Modular-small.pdf (2.2 MB)
FoldUpFP2-EspeciallyForYou-small.pdf (1.1 MB)
FoldUpFP2-SeasonsGreeetings-small.pdf (734.6 KB)
FoldUpFP2-SeasonsGreeetings-small1.pdf (312.7 KB)
FoldUpFP2-SeasonsGreeetings-small2.pdf (512.7 KB)
FoldUpFP2-SeasonsGreeetings-small3.pdf (504.5 KB)

If anyone at Fairphone bothers, let me know, but I’m quite confident no one will :slight_smile: