Fairphone 2 production and delivery thread

@all: Don’t get me wrong now. You preordered a mobile phone SIX month ago and now you are whining about 2 weeks or something delay???


The first ones who ordered were the first ones who supported the company, were the first ones who gave them their money, and all that with the promise of first come first served.
And now we don’t even receive proper information when we can expect to receive our phones due to a delay Fairphone did not feel necessary to communicate in the blog posts. It could be just a few days but it could also be a month for all we know.
This frustration is not really about the delay itself, but about losing trust in the company, trust we also placed in the company by giving them our money very early in the process



Don’t get me wrong now. You preordered a mobile phone SIX month ago and now you are whining about 2 weeks or something delay???

The email even talks about “a few days” of delay for different colors (at least in :de: it does), so.





I would like to know how many people ordered which colour. I ordered transparent and am maybe hoping mine might come earlier than the end of January if not so many want it.
@Douwe : could you post the numbers please?

I agree, this is not how you reward your very early supporters. It is a shame that all this now fails because of the unavailability of these simple back covers, which could have been ready weeks ago. I assume that all of us with an order number below 200 were excited that they would be able to hold their new phone in their hands in a few days before christmas, and now it looks like it will probably not even make it even this year, depending on their color choice. This is VERY disappointing and frustrating.



Hey all,

We fully understand that this feels unfair. It is a bit like a line at the bakery and the baker suddenly reshuffling the line based on the type of bread you want. At the same time we felt it would also be unfair to keep people waiting for their phone when we have it ready, just because it wasn’t their turn.

Before I started at Fairphone I could not have grasped how short some process cycles are and how the production of such a complicated device can have so many twists and turns.

Together with all you people who helped us in the beginning we are setting out to change the electronics industry, improve mining, better working conditions, revamp design and improve recycling all with one phone and an awesome community.

We understand that in this whole story, the challenges we face in logistics and delivery could have been better communicated and we will work to change that.

Thank you all for your understanding, we will have some crazy detailed information for you ready on Monday. (this is a hint :wink: ) and we hope that our foldable phone helps some delayed christmass presents.


@douwe When do you expect to have the other covers? Is it realistic that other colours will also be shipped before Christmas or will we have to wait until next year?
Is there any possibility to still change the colour of the back cover, now that we know there are delays?

What frustrates me is that they still are not able to say how many phones they (want to) produce a day, if we are still on schedule with the 4000 before Christmas/6000 before the end of the year shipment promise and can’t give us an estimation for our respective delivery of the different cases… Therefore I have no clue when to expect the phone. I really can wait, but I would like to have more information - even when it’s bad news.


They are now in full production mode and any changes made at this stage would seriously slow down the entire operation. You’d probably end up getting your phone even later due to the increased work of handling all the changes.

Production has just begun and they’re still collecting and processing the information needed for that number. I trust that Fairphone will publish such a number as soon as they know themselves, but it doesn’t help to publish a number as long as everything’s still in the startup phase and very vague :wink:


You didn’t understand my point. I know that they will publish this info when they know themselves - that they still don’t know it themselves is what frustrates me. [Having in mind that we are one month after expected delivery and that the "spare"months for delays, which were certaibly already calculated in the project plan, are also already consumed]

What frustrates me is that people don’t just relax. I don’t mind waiting a couple weeks longer (even if that means that I have to reship the phone upon delivery) and know that nobody has inhuman working conditions and must work 80 hours per week to meet the goal.


Same here. Yes, I have pre-ordered and I want to get my phone as soon as possible. But if delivery is a few days sooner or later, I don’t care. Maybe people are reacting more emotional because they wanted to give it away as a Christmas gift?

Anyway, I prefer “fair working conditions” over a “fair delivery” :wink:


As far as I can tell they are trying to see how smooth the production really goes and how fast they can produce in reality, before publishing any numbers which were mostly made up on paper. Remember that we’re only a few days in the actual production! Everything that happened in the last weeks and months was ‘just’ organising, planning and theory. And I really prefer them to wait a bit until they’re able to give realistic numbers. Production of a smartphone might look easy because of its modularity, but I cannot even imagine the complexity involved. It sure is a lot more than just assembling a LEGO set :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think anybody is asking for that. It’s frustrating, but I haven’t seen anybody demanding that anything changes now.

It’s disappointing that the statement is still ambiguous. Is there expectation that anything other than black covers will be delivered before Christmas? No idea.


Telling from my experience with their communication with us thus far: There are probably several people working on figuring this out right now and as soon as they got something to say @Douwe or @anon90052001 will release some statement and share their info with us :wink:


That’s great - it would be nice to be told ‘we don’t know yet’ though. Hopefully we’ll get to know more soon!

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Crazy information… hint? Now I am really excited :grimacing:


yep, the weekend just got an awfully lot longer! :grin:


Well, with order number 4000 something and semitransparent back I guess I’ll have to wait till january… My trusted S3 mini (with OmniROM on it) might even see its third birthday, that way. Courier services don’t have awful lots of slack to deliver everything, these days :slight_smile:
What would sweeten (my) wait time would be the publication of the software, so people could start tinkering…



Compared to other manufacturer Fairphone makes production and delivery processes transparent. Apple or Samsung i.e. inform their customers not until all process steps are streamlined an polished and a big amount of devices is allready produced and shipped to their destribution Centers arround the world.
As a Fairphone Customer i’m not excited that delivery of my phone is delayed by selecting a Special product specification. Because i’m excited to hold my new phone in my Hands i may be impatient and react on “bad” News dissapointed.

But as a Fairphone Supporter and i’m in line with the Terms the Fairphone Company communicates with their Customers and with their delivery plan. I also buy their product exacly because of that.

So in conclusion, i’m unhappy about the new info, i’m happy about getting this Information. Getting a fairphone is a hell of a ride.

Enjoy waiting time be Patient, build your foldable Fairphone. As we say in Germany “Vorfreude ist die schönste freude”