Time stretches when waiting for your first Fairphone

So, has anyone else noticed how time has seemed to stretch from the moment of ordering your first Fairphone to the time it’s meant to be delivered? It seems like months already since I ordered the Fairphone 4 (but it’s not even 2 weeks), and the launch is still 10 days away, and delivery will add to that too.

Perhaps I could contact support to see if they can speed time up somehow. Challenging, but…



Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

I can only wish you patience here :wink: And from experience, don’t bet on the phone arriving on the first day of the delivery estimate. You might not know the first Fairphone crowdfunders waited six months or more for their first edition FP1s back in the year 2013 … :angel: Now I am sure it won’t take that long for you, but in the given world economy with its bottlenecks and shortages, I wouldn’t bet on the 25th of October either.


Just wait until they’ve released an untested update again that breaks your phone in several ways, and the next update that’s supposed to fix it doesn’t materialise for weeks. Then you’ll know what stretched time feels like.

There is something going on with time at Fairphone HQ, but not in a good way.

(I really shouldn’t have done this, but seeing that this is not a serious post I figured why not).


Thanks for the welcome!

My Pixel 3a is hanging on by a battery-drained thread, so I hope the FP 4 doesn’t take too long! While my post is meant to be humorous, there really is truth in it. Finding Fairphone was a revelation and I’m very excited about getting it.

ps. I wonder if the dispatch team reads the forum and might expedite my order… hmm…


that sounds to me like mobile phone (and Windows… ) updates in general.

;- )

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Reading this forum would help only, if you posted your order number or your name here. :wink:
(Though I would advise against it for data-privacy reasons; i.e. security.)

Apart from that; it is not very likely, that they will be reading this forum to that regard.
My guess would be, that they have their hands full, handling all the logistics stuff plus media requests and they might be working on the FP3+ at the same time as well.

Delayed delivery of announced products would be nothing special; unfortunately. Happens with all the major brands as well.

I keep my fingers crossed, that your old phone is holding up till the FP4 arrives.
And I am sure, you will enjoy it. :+1:


This is how the wait was bridged humourously in the past:

I know it doesn’t really help you, but as you weren’t all dead serious either … :wink:

But seriously, if your Pixel 3a throws the towel and you cannot find someone to lend you a phone until you get your Fairphone 4, why not ask if someone in the forum has one to help you out?


I’m in the same boat. The charging port on my phone is hanging by a thread whilst I wait for my first Fairphone. Repair is… uneconomical, due to step 1 being “take off the screen”, and it’s already cracked, so a new screen would also be required. And should really replace the battery at the same time, because it’s 3 years old and opening up the phone is such a task.

Waiting buddies! :smiley:


That’s a might fine idea, @urs_lesse. I hope it does last, but if I need to I’ll check in here!

(sadly the pdfs seem to be gone now, or that might have helped a bit)

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I re-upped the sheets in the most recent reply. :slight_smile:


I’ll let you know when mine arrives!


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As I mentioned I would do, here’s my notification that my FP4 arrived today! I had pre-ordered it in the first week of October (grey, 6gb). I hope everyone else who ordered around then is seeing theirs arrive now too


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