Fitbit and the FP2

Hi there,

Has there been any progress in making it possible to use a fitbit with FP2? When I’ve tried previously, the phone wasn’t recognised by the app. Was wondering if this was solved yet.


I can’t test personally, but there’s been reports of this working since March 2016 in this topic:

This might, however, be crucial:


I have a Fitbit Alta HR and it works fine with the FP2.

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As my Pebble just died yesterday, I tried to use a Fitbit.
Question to the community: Is anybody using a Fitbit (Versa) with the FP2 and LineageOS 15.1 or other versions?

I tried to make it work on my FP2 today for hours. The App is extremely slow, crashing and loosing connection to the watch. Not a single message made it´s way the the screen of the watch.

So I tried to connect to a Samsung Galaxy S5, also with LineageOS. There it works.

What are your experiences?