Fitbit working on Fairphone2?

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I currently own a Fairphone 1U. I bought the new fitbit alta and it seems like the F1U is not compatible. (Yes, my mistake. I could have looked it up)
I was wondering if the Fitbit devices are working with the fairphone 2? I wanted to buy a fairphone 2 once they release the nfc chip add on (wishful thinking here.)

Searching through the forum didn’t shed any light at all. There were just postings regarding fitbit devices with (or rather without) Fairphone 1(u).

Can you help me out here? :slight_smile:

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The only thing I can tell you is that I know a user (in the facebook group Fairphone-Freunde) who just recently bought a Fitbit Charge HR and this works perfectly fine with her FP2.
I just had a quick look into the specifications of your Fitbit Alta. As you already know it is not compatible with the FP1(U) as they use different bluetooth standards. The FP2 uses Bluetooth 4.0 - same as your Fitbit Alta so chances are very high that they will be compatible. :wink:


Thanks for your fast reply.
I thought so too but wanted to have a safe answer. Fitbit has a device check on their site and fairphone is not part of the supported devices:

Well, Fairphone is probably not listed as it is not one of those “big players” like Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. Maybe you should contact Fitbit and ask about the compatibility of the FP2 with their Fitbit devices (the specifications of the FP2 might be interesting for them to know).

Ok I just contacted them.
“The model is currently not supported because it’s new. […] It is likely that it will be part of the list soon.”

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Well, that was fast! :slight_smile: And you are more than welcome. :wink:

My Fitbit works fine with the FP2 :slight_smile:

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just bought a fitbit charge hr and it works fine with my fp2. I could not register on the mobile app, but had to do it on the computer. Once registered, it was no problem zu use the fitbit with the fp2.

Hi, I have a Fitbit Charge and that works perfectly with my Fairphone 2