FIPS 140-2 (security) support missing

The Fairphone 4 has a Qualcomm chip. That SoC’s security module (TEE?) should be capable of FIPS 140-2. An app I need to use for work complains that my Fairphone is not FIPS 140-2 compliant. The app still works fine. But it’s strange that the #fp4 doesn’t support this standard.

Fairphone support said a few months ago they would come back with an answer about this issue. I bumped the issue in their support system, hopefully they have an answer soon.


Just some info to highlight why this support is important.

FIPS or the Federal Information Processing Standards are public standards built by the US federal government. FIPS standards cover a wide range of requirements across security and interoperability. More specifically, FIPS 140 is focused on specific requirements for cryptography modules. The current version of this standard is FIPS 140-2. You’ll hear people in the security industry refer to FIPS as: FIPS, 140, FIPS 140 and FIPS 140-2. Most of the time these are all in reference to FIPS 140-2. Because many public and private sector organizations require that FIPS-compliant cryptography modules be used, Appdome enables organizations to secure mobile apps so that they use FIPS 140-2 cryptographic modules. This allows organizations to immediately make any mobile application FIPS 140-2 compliant in a manner of minutes – all without any development effort.