FP and Samsung Knox

my company requires integration in Samsung Knox security system is this possible with FP

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Welcome to the forum! :tada: What is the reason for this requirement? Is it to have secure boot and a secure compute environment on the phone? In that case Fairphone uses something similar; TrustZone (if I’m not mistaken).

However, I’m not really 100% sure if this is functioning well enough. An app I use for work (Entrust) says my FP4 is not compliant with encryption standards. FP hasn’t been able to clarify why this is.

For a definite answer it’s best to #contactsupport. Maybe you can poke them too about that FIPS-140 issue :nerd_face:

Thanks for the answer. I go to contactsupport. To be honest it is not about a function it is about a requirement that exists within my company and I am not an expert in it.

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Hi @Hans-Peter

perhaps this page helps finding more information about Samsung Knox supported devices:



As shown on this list above, they are all Samsung devices, since Knox is a Samsung exclusive service. This list is only useful to know which Samsung devices are supported for which features of Knox.
If the requirement of your company is having a device secured by Knox, you’ll have to go with a Samsung. That’s about it.
Source here as well:

Samsung Knox is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices

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Indeed. But I would suggest again to @Hans-Peter to get more details. If a secure phone is needed, then the FP4 might be sufficient since it has ARM’s TrustZone. But I do wonder if it’s implemented well…


Thanks a lot @Alex.A and @UPPERCASE! I cannot give any details on security as I have no background in smartphone security. Our IT department has simply stated this, which means they are not willing to support any other phone than Samsung. Thanks a lot for clarifying this.


As a stubborn and outspoken Yorkshireman myself I would suggest (jokingly)
‘That IT bloody well better give you a Samsung then if they are going to be like that…’
Seriously though, the company doesn’t have a right to dictate to you what phone brand you own and if they expect you to use your personal phone for work, they either find a work around (which I can see you are trying to do) or give you a work phone to their specifications.

I’m interested to see if you chasing this FIPS 140-2 issue gets any results for you, but if your company is enslaved? to samsmug then like I said, time for you to get a shiny new (waste of resources) phone, bought by and added to the karma list of your company.


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