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When you open the forum on your desktop browser, the FairPhone icon is used as favicon by the browser. However, when doing the same on a mobile device, the default Discourse icon is shown. On my phone, I have the FairPhone forum bookmarked and placed a shortcut on my home screen which now looks like this:

When you open up the source of the forum webpage, you can see that there’s these two lines in the HTML:

<link rel=“icon” type=“image/png” href=“https://www.fairphone.com/favicon.ico”>
<link rel=“apple-touch-icon” type=“image/png” href="/images/default-apple-touch-icon.png">

The first one is used by desktop browsers to determine the favicon, the second is used by touch based devices to determine the icon. Is it possible for FairPhone to change this to the FairPhone icon as well?

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This is what I get in Fennec F-Droid 40.0 (Firefox Mobile):

Which browser are u using?

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Chrome. Oddly enough it does show the FairPhone logo favicon in the tab, but when I bookmark it, it shows the Discourse icon for the bookmark.

Anyone else that still can’t get accustomed to the ugly blue square that is the latest favicon? :wink:

It still looks to me as if something went wrong with loading the page… :stuck_out_tongue:


I just updated desktop firefox and now the favicon is back to the grey discourse speech-bubble.
I tried to set my “own” favicon with a FF plugin, but it only shows in the tab, but not in the favories bar.

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On my desktop Firefox (57.0, but was the same before) that blue square includes the number of unread new things when I have the “Latest” page open, don’t take that away please, it’s pretty useful :wink: .
(But don’t ask me if and how and where I set that up.)

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strange that the blue favicon is still there for you but not for me. :confused:

It’s gone for me too. Maybe it returns if we switch back to the old theme?

Let’s see, I had the old theme, but I set it to the new one now.
Oh, there’s the setting, too: Preferences - Interface - Show new / updated topic count on browser icon.

And for me it still works …

Hmmm … Privacy Badger is blocking Google Analytics, and rightly so.
Come on, Fairphone, Piwik has been around for years now … or does the blame belong to Discourse?

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Not really:

But that’s getting off topic. Shall I reopen that other topic?

PS: Back on topic: Now that I have uninstalled the Plugin to change the favicon, the favicon shown in the tab is back to the blue square, but in the bookmarks toolbar it’s still the grey discourse thing.

That’s a thing I did notice in Firefox for years now … favicons in the bookmarks are updated using a scheme I don’t get … sometimes fast, sometimes not so fast.
Google suggests other people are wondering, too … but I didn’t look into it yet, my “being bothered by it” threshold is still not being reached :slight_smile: .

Thanks very much for the link to the topic, I reopened it.

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Yeah there is definitely something fishy with FF’s bookmarks-favicon-updates, but it can’t be just Firefox, because now when I reopen bookmarks for the first time after the FF update they (some) still get switched to the gray icon (while others still have the star icon :open_mouth:).

Same for new bookmarks btw.

Sometimes the favicon shows up in strange places:

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