Fairphones sold 2013-2022

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@lorahaspels’s number was also 200k Fairphones sold in total if you check. So if 182999 FPs sold is the real number, well… There’s a problem :sweat_smile:
Perhaps Lora’s number was more or less approximate and this is where the difference comes from?

(Disclaimer: I didn’t read the report yet.)

I guess resellers will not sit idly on stock forever at their own risk.
In trade, there’s a business model with which you sell stuff for vendors, so you buy the stuff first, then try to sell it with a profit margin, and if you can’t sell everything you bought, you return what’s left after a certain period of time and get reimbursed by the vendors.
I’m missing the technical term for this model at the moment, but there would be a difference if sales numbers wouldn’t be handled consistently regarding such returns.


I found another article from Forbes stating that Fairphone would have sold 175k FPs end of august 2019. Which would bring us not far from 220k or 230k currently. I don’t know if it’s reliable though and I haven’t found the source of this data yet.

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Probably too simple :angel: but:
Difference between Fairphone’s total and mine: 36351
FP1U total (2014+2015): 36000 (including my vague 2015 FP1U guess)

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You think they wouldn’t have counted the FP1s? That would seem strange…

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Did you count in the numbers for the FP2 New Life edition?

Edit: Ah, just read that the numbers do not include FP2 New Life edition. Sorry!

I think the yearly numbers for the FP1 and FP1U are not correct, because a total of 60,000 was produced. So, where do the 1,000 units come from? (The first generation was sold until February 2015, so I think the number ratio for the years 2014 and 2015 could be a little different.)

I’ve found a better link for the number 35000 and added one for the number 1000 (see starting post). It’s not clear to me whether the final 1000 batch in February 2015 was part of the planned 35000 or on top of it. Either way, it makes for a difference of just 1000, not 36000.

Bas van Abel published an article in February 2015 and mentioned a total of 60,000 Fairphones of the first generation:

That’s the FP1 and FP1U.

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Eva Gouwens just publicly confirmed 90000 Fairphone 3 have been sold so far, so I updated the graph at the top.


I think now all your numbers are right. 70 000 FP1s, 110 000 FP2s, and 90 000 FP3s, as confirmed by Eva Gouwens.

Eva said “I think 65000 FP1s” (approximately at the 32:16 mark), but I would prefer to rely on the written numbers I referenced at the beginning here. Frankly it seems to me not everyone at Fairphone has a totally definitive number in mind (which I don’t blame them for).

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You are wrong in this point! There is no difference in numbers.
In the impact report you cite 3 bullet poings above ("Bigger market, greater impact), they state:

KPI: We have sold more than 220.000 Fairphones since our foundation in 2013 until the end of 2019.

So it seems, you have done a really good job with your numbers. :smiley:

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Do we agree it wasn’t the case before? They must have done an update with newer numbers.
I remember having seen 182999 FPs sold.


Yep, I did not check before, so I thought the numbers must have had another source.
The web-archive shows, that on 3rd August the number indeed was 182,999.

I did not mean to criticise @urs_lesse, but rather praise him for his work.

Maybe Fairphone even adjusted their numbers based on this thread and @urs_lesse research ? :wink:


No problem from my side :slight_smile: Thanks for making me aware that Fairphone redacted the total number in their Impact Report.


Rae gave us the year 2020 total today. I have updated the graph at the top of this topic.

Update (29 June 2021): I have now replaced the number by the marginally different (-15) figure included in today’s 2020 Impact Report (p. 15). There is also a discrepancy between the 2019 and 2020 reports regarding the 2019 total which I am currently trying to get sorted out by Fairphone.

UPDATE (27 August 2021): Discrepancy sorted out – it’s been 53844 units sold in 2019.


So now im curious how much today. I know there are not much numbers from Fairphone side. Because I want to know jf the FP3 is better sold than FP2

Seems that 2020 was HUGE :slight_smile:

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