Fairphones sold 2013-2022

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Seems that 2020 was HUGE :slight_smile:

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Did you see the graph at the top ? It is clear that a) More FPS have been sold and that in a single year, as mentioned by @SimplyBrainy in a single year almost 100,000 were sold compared to just over 115,000 from 2015 to 2019 so I’d say that’s a pretty clear indication of that i’t 'better sold.

And of course the total after 1.5 years for the FP3 is around 150,000

All the figures are from the graph.

I suggest you may like to ask Faiphone for an update for sales in the last 4 months, as this is only a community forum :slight_smile:


Yes, i know its only a community forum and i know the difference in the number. Im just happy with this forum and am curious for future numbers

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?? Future numbers ??

Have you tried contacting Fairphone for an update so far? I suppose you could ask them for a prediction.

I think it’s clear Erik just wants an update which would be the Q2 numbers. However, I guess it will take a couple of weeks more until we can get them (as with previous numbers).


Awesome software support could make a great difference. As is with FP3, as what done with FP3.

Someone know where i can find the 2019 fairphone impact rapport:https://impact.fairphone.com/scaling-our-impact/? It looks down

I have no idea, why the page is down or if it’s relocated.
But you can find the version of May 27th in the web-archive:

Fairphone Impact Report Vol. 2 — Bigger market, greater impact (archive.org)

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It went down a few days after I tried to get this discrepancy sorted out, although that might be just co-incidence.

I will use web archive then

Would it make sense to extend the initial post by a total number per model and the total number overall for the sake of convenience?


  • FP1: 60,000
  • FP2: 115,350
  • FP3: 159,485
  • Total: 334,835

I really would like to know some more recent numbers, including the sales of the FP4.

Anybody knows some sources?


If you find the data please let me know!

I’m writing a project on Fairphone and this data would be very useful!

I guess a lot of people are really curious to know about it :wink: But as long as Fairphone is not sharing them, we just can wait.

If you are working on a bigger project, maybe they are going to share reliable numbers with you if you contact them.

We have already tried getting into contact a good number of times now, but they don’t seem to reply to our requests. It says they will reply within 10 working days (which is long past now), but still haven’t responded.

I was just told that the people who participated in the crowd(loaning) in 2018 had the opportunity to either get their loan back or turn them into FP-shares. The ones who turned them into shares should get either quarterly or half-annual reports.

Maybe someone here could provide those reports, or help putting me into contact with one of these few individuals.

I was informed about the 2021 and Q1/2022 totals (for FP3+ and FP4 each) today and added these new numbers in the first post. :slight_smile: Bear in mind the FP4 only started selling in Q4/2021.

Update 29 June: Corrections of the 2021 totals, based on today’s Impact Report 2021. I also entered the 2017 and 2018 totals from this report which differ from those in the 2020 report.