Fairphones in Australia 🇦🇺

Just a final follow up relating to MMS issues with the FairPhone 4 In Australia

The FairPhone 4 SOC supports all Australian standards except for the 28ghz band used as part of the 5g standard here.
The phone has confirmed full support by Amaysim and Telstra at this time, beyond this you’ll very likely have issues.

As a side note, The SOC in question is an international chip and as a result it may be treated differently by some providers.

The phone itself works fine where relating to Data and Calls, however, MMS is dependent upon the provider and further call quality may be affected with this lesser support and with future mobile network cutoffs further issues may come about. (I believe there was talk of getting rid of 3g entirely by 2024 a number of years ago and similarly for 4g soon after though who knows with this government)

Relating to Amaysim MMS support, both 5g and non-5g plans work, I’ve now confirmed as much myself.

If you strongly prefer to stick with a specific provider and MMS does not work on your FF4 with them, you may be able to get them to enable/add/fix support for this.

  • To do as much you need to raise your issue to at least L2 support and get them to actually take a look at the how the message is handled on their end, at which point getting them to raise it further may see them push a fix into their back-end pipeline to slowly trickle down over time.

    I’d suggest referring to my prior replies in this thread relating to troubleshooting this issue if you’d like to troubleshoot the issue in the ways that would be requested of you by support in-advance.
    Doing as much will likely save you time unless you get otherwise lucky and are assigned a good service agent that understands technology better than it consisting of magic and absolute checklists.

Also to tag you in @Simon_Cole Amaysim now has support, perhaps it's worthwhile switching, other than these issues they seem like a decent company albeit support is the usual roundabout. They're priced as low as $15 though you'll need to hit "view all plans" to see <$30 plans. In relation to Amaysim coverage, they use majority Optus towers and I believe some Telstra towers, generally, Over time, I found I've better coverage than most, this includes extremely rural and otherwise un-populated areas.

Hi, I live in Australia and want to know how I can buy a Fairphone 5 from Australia? If this is possible, do fair phones work in Australia?

Hi and welcome to the community, I moved your post here to get some first hand experience


The telcos are closing down the G3 network. My current phone supports G4 but not VoLTE.
I purchased a fairphone 5 via Clove in the UK and it works fine but does not show VoLTE. My wife’s phone, with the same provider (Optus via Moose Mobile) shows VoLTE on the status bar.
I have not tried her SIM card in the fairphone, only mine so far.
I checked with Moose and VoLTE is enabled. Checked with Optus and according to the person there a VoLTE capable device should work even if it’s not in their list of devices.
Somewhere else I read that it’s a good idea to get a new SIM for a new phone as it seems there some memory in the ‘system’ of what your device can do.
So do any of you have VoLTE on your phones? Could it be as simple as getting a new SIM?

After further sleuthing I conclude that my phone is probably working on VoLTE.
Some sites suggested making a phone call (this causes some phones to drop back to 3G) then try using data (with wi-fi off). I did that and youtube seemed slow but the phone displayed 4G during the call.
Going further I found if you go to the dialer (as if making a phone call) and type ##4636## (works on any Android apparently - don’t press call) a whole lot of useful information comes up including:
Voice network type: LTE
and further down
VoLTE provisioned in the ‘on’ position (greyed out, which fooled me at first - it just means I can’t change it).
My wife’s phone displays VoLTE on the status bar, but it appears this can be different depending on the vendor.
My next step will be to install /e/OS on this phone.

For those who want to try … *#*#4636#*#* … The forum software uses asterisks for formatting :wink: .
(The post editor has a “Preformatted text” button for this.)


Go further in this menu to see if VoLTE is available or not (dont forget to turn off Wlan or at least wifi calling)

Three Dots upper right - IMS Status

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Thanks. I will keep an eye on that in future.

All that would have been really useful at the beginning. Pity it doesn’t appear prominently in the various guides.
I am afraid to try it on my old phone - it might show I had VoLTE all along!
The fairphone 5 is a nice phone, if a bit expensive here in Australia with freight, customs and GST on top of the actual purchase price.

Hi! I’m having the same issue with my FP5 dropping to 3G with Telstra. Did you get anywhere with Optus?

No problems. I did however ring my provider (Moose Mobile) and they confirmed that VoLTE was provisioned on my account.
To check use *#*#4636#*#* as mentioned above.
Click the 3 dots and select IMS service status. You should see ‘Voice over LTE: Available’. If not then ring Telstra and ask for it to be provisioned on your service.

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Following the above steps to check my FP3+, in the “IMS service statue” I see “Voice over LTE: Unavailable”
I am with Boost (Telstra network).

Does anyone know how to get FP3+ working with Telstra??

Ring Boost and ask for it!
I imagine your service is provisioned to match your previous phone.

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