Fairphones in Australia 🇦🇺

Fair phone 4 works perfectly with Telstra. Also supports 5G. Currently Telstra are trialing 5G on all prepaid services.


Think they will cap it back to 250Mbps after the trial :frowning:

These guys sent me the phone very quickly and the price is also good.
Can’t buy directly from Fairphone as we are not in a supported country.
However all the parts are very affordable and the build quality is excellent.


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Can the Fairphone 4 run Australian banking apps such as Commbank?

Hi Mate,

Yes it certainly can. I run NetBank, ING, St George no problems. They have the official Google app store so everything works the same as Samsung etc, just no bloatware. Tap and pay also works fine.



For those looking for MMS issues I seem to be your greatest source of information at this time, so prepare for a wall of text and go near to the bottom (line 48 of 105, lol), also note, I’m not proof reading this again, it’s too long so excuse the likely many mistakes

Figured I’d make an account and post cause of the hell I’ve just been through with the FairPhone 4 or more accurately Amaysim (Optus).

To answer the questions on the topic.

  1. Why were you interested in FP
    Custom ROM support (specifically CalyX OS), Repairability, SD Card support and the ability to remove the front facing camera.

  2. What made you switch
    My last phone (pixel 5 (number 2, first one manufacturing issues) < device from hell) died (battery, random shutdowns, power buttons stopped working)

  3. Where’d you get it from
    Bought it from Clover, great store if you want to import the phone to Aus

  4. Do people you know show interest in FF4
    Nope, they want the latest and breakiest

  5. Your city and provider
    Adelaide, Amaysim (Optus re-packager) currently

  6. Issues you’ve encountered

99% of the phone is perfect,
Issue 1: Only real complaint would be that the default camera app works amazingly well but isn’t available for download from f-droid to my knowledge for use on CalyX OS as is my preference
Issue 2: I’ll direct you to the bottom of my post after 8

  1. Pros and Cons of FP
  • Custom ROM support
  • Easy to repair (battery replacements and extreme ease of individual part replacement by myself instead of a repair shop)
  • Can modify it as I like
  • SD Card
  • Great CPU/GPU choice will last for the ages
  • Screen is somewhat too large at 6.3", my preference starts and ends at 6"
  • (a half issue for me now but) Where’s the bloody headphone jack and the spiel about it being more sustainable by removing it is crap, I have tons of perfectly good AUX gear, what do I throw it, I’m not buying crappy converters that break after 15 minutes of use, I have 4 broken ones now, I’m done
  1. Tips if Fairphone branched into Australia
  • Setup direct shipping to Australia (and add into the Australian price the import tax on the webpage so people can see the price jump for 1000+)
  • Cooperate with our hostage takers… oh I mean mobile providers, get text, calls and MMS working on all of these guys consistently and your basically set for the Australian market, maybe you’ll need to change out the mobile communications SOC for complete 5g coverage, I believe your missing one band but beyond that you’ve got a great product that I’m my opinion will with proper support grow very big at an ever increasing pace so long as other manufacturers don’t stand in the way
  • Other than that a word of warning, take caution to contracting your phone sales through specific stores/corps, sell it yourself off your website as #1 and anyone else can buy and re-sell as they please, it’s the better way to do it for independence sake

And so to the MMS issues and issue 2 with the Fair Phone 4
My Details:
Provider: Amaysim (Optus Reseller)
Sim Type: Physical
Phone: Fairphone 4 (purchased through Clove Mid January 2023)

Issue: I can’t send or receive MMS (images, long text, audio), mobile data and normal texts work fine

What have I done:

  • Reset the phone
  • Installed messenger QKSMS to try alternative to (google text and later AOSP default messenger app)
  • Installed custom ROM CalyX OS
  • Verified APN detail validity
  • Deleted existing APN details and re-entered them manually
  • Tried changing my preferred band
  • Mobile Data On/Off, Wifi On/Off on both of those
  • Played with permissions
  • Reset the phone 4 times twice each OS
  • Changed compression size for images, everything from (auto, 2000kb all the way to 100kb) changing many other settings all the way along
  • Broke and pushed around MMS APN configurations to check if something was wrong my end or perhaps there was a working alternate configuration
  • Testing the SIM on two other phones (both work)
  • And literally hundreds of other little different things all over the period of 4 days

What have I done with my provider:

  • Went through APN settings
  • Did restarts and the most basic of basic website instruction page based troubleshooting spanning 4 hours of time wasting insanity
  • Replaced my SIM with a $2 replacement SIM and transferred my details to it
  • Used another person I knows Amaysim sim
  • Got them to re-enable MMS functionality and refresh their configuration database for my phone
  • Also had them run troubleshooters which wipe my account fresh to view only the information relevant to this moment

The grand results:

  • A grand old nothing
  • Sprinkled with Telstra fueled rage when discovering Calls, Text & MMS work with no issue when using a Telstra SIM from another person I know, It worked immediately

Current Solution:

  • Use Telstra

Why the issues:
Entirely speculation but based upon my lack of understanding of how mobile communication systems are set up in the modern era, assuming it’s setup using the internet and some front facing APIs, I assume Optus likely is blocking MMS access from devices specific devices or more likely having setup a Whitelist of allowed devices. ( would probably be helpful avoiding botting and other unauthorized use cases of their network )

Considering how the failures occur

Receiving ( I see the MMS message come in, attempts to download result in an endless wait cycle for download )

Sending (Attempts to send result in an endless sending cycle (it’s literally end less) )

I assume there’s no blocking setup Call and Text message side but instead where concerning the MMS APIs perhaps there only blocking/filtering for a route responsible for MMS data downloads/uploads but not for MMS availability checking (ie ping that route to see if the route details are correct) & event forwarding (being that I receive notification of incoming MMS).

Changing APN details for MMS sees failures occur immediately meaning that the MMS APIs are accessible and I assume providing the expected results so there’d likely be no incompatibility MMS protocol wise considering the success other people have had within Australian networks.

And so if you’re having issues with the Fairphone 4.
Specifically MMS issues and your in Australia, you’re probably with Optus or a reseller and you’d best go strangle your provider for causing you grief as I’ll hopefully be doing tomorrow.

If it’s an honest mistake then my fury can be satiated but until then I have plans to move to Woolworths mobile plans as they have a ever attractive $25 22GB Telstra based plan or otherwise someone cheaper.

I’d rather loose out on some benefits for being with them for I think something like 7 years at this point, so long that I’ve progressively sanded my SIM down from full size to Micro over the years and only just replaced it yesterday in response to my issues.

So basically save yourself days of time and switch operators to a telstra reseller, I’ll come back again if I sort out my issues with Amaysim / Optus or end up having issues with Woolworths.

Will MMS be alive moving forward in Australia? My understanding is this method of communication has been retired a few days ago or will retire soon in Germany depending on the provider used.

BTW welcome to the community.

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I’ve not heard anything about MMS being retired here, I’d assume it’s here to stay for the time being although I can’t say I’d have a problem if our telcos decide to move to a newer API/Standard considering the split that exist are mostly there because of legacy support that’s long been dropped in place of a fully digital system