Fairphone2 will not start up

My Fairphone2 wont start up. It behaves as if the battery were extremely flat. Its is completely dead when not on charge. When its on charge it will boot up. I see the initial Fairphone logo screen, then it says ‘optimising apps’. It will do this for a while then die and go back to the start of the process. It will loop like this indefinitely never getting to the home screen. Each time it boots it will list a different total number of apps that need optimising. Doing this for a while will cause the device to become very hot.

I have tried leaving it on charge for hours before attempting to boot it.
I have tried using different chargers.
I have tried removing the battery and letting it cool for half an hour.
I have tried leaving my phone in a drawer for a week before trying anything new.
I have bought a new battery and still have the same problem.
I’m at a bit of a loss, please help!!

Which version do you have on your Fairphone, the 'normal version or the Open version?
And if you use the Open version, is it with Gapps, MicroG?

Thanks for getting back to me Lidwien. I am assuming I have the normal version!

Did make recently a backup?

No but I’m not precious about the data on there. Most of it is on the cloud anyway.

If resetting it will fix it, then I’m happy to reset it!

Yes, I would suggest to do a #dic:hardreset.

Not sure how. When there are no cables connected the device will not fire up, including when holding the power and volume up buttons. When the cables are plugged in any attempt to fire the device up, including the hard reset button combo, triggers the same old optimisation crash loop

There is a change that your battery is to low. Please charge your phone until it’s full (green light).
And then try again.

Slight problem. While plugged in it now starts the boot-crash loop on its own. So I can’t get any decent amount of charge on it before it starts doing that.

Strange behaviour. Just to try something.
Take the battery out of the phone.
Plug your charger into the phone (still without battery).
[Wait a few minutes]
Insert your battery. (This will give the battery a kick)
Charge your phone in one go until 100%. Do not boot.

Am trying this… even without the battery its still trying to boot itself. I’ve taken the cover off incase the button was jammed down but even without the battery it is still booting the logo screen and crashing.

Take the display off and have a look at the powerbutton. Blow some air around the powerbutton and see what happens then.

Looks the same as the connectors on the other buttons. Have blown on it. Gave the button a little waggle to see if there was anything stuck in there. (Nothing I could see). Reattached the screen, left the battery out, plugged in the cable… same problem persists :frowning:

Sorry, I have run out of ideas.
Go to troubleshoot and follow the steps for ‘Something else’ and then ‘Something else’ again.
Include this line ‘Fairphone2 will not start up’ in your support request.
So Fairphone can see here at the forum what you already have down to solve your problem.

Thanks very much for all your suggestions! Fingers crossed the troubleshooter will sort it out.

So you say that when you reboot and press vol up + power button at the same time it doesn’t go to recovery mode?
If no, pressing vol down + power burn starts fastboot?
Just to be even more sure: while rebooting (phone is vibrating) you start to press vol up + power at the same time for about 10-15 seconds -this should bring you to recovery -but it doesn’t, right?

Phone off - unplugged. Press power & volume up for 15 seconds - Nothing
Same response with volume down.
Phone off - plugged in. Red light flashes. Press power & volume up for 15 seconds - Nothing
Same response with volume down.

Left it on charge, Waited for the boot/crash loop to start. Tried power and V-up. Phone died. I assume this is just part of the boot/crash loop.

Waiting for the loop start again to try power and V-down.

Same result with power+V-Down during the boot/crash loop.

Because you mention a flashing red light, I would like to refer you to the thread not charging blinking red light.

Thanks for the suggestion. The phone loads the logo screen, I insert the battery, the whole thing dies. Red flashy light returns. After a short wait the boot/crash loop resumes.