Fairphone OS 17.09.3 (Including fixes for the "BlueBorne" vulnerabilities)

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that we have a new software update ready for your Fairphone 2 device. It’s named Fairphone OS 17.09.3

What’s new

  • Recalibrated the ear speaker sound level during phone calls
  • Improved tuning parameters for new cameras
  • Improved module swap notifications
  • Security fixes – Android Public Security Bulletin from September (1st of September patchlevel) Including fixes for the “BlueBorne” vulnerabilities

We also released its equivalent Fairphone Open 17.09.3, our open source version of Android 6.0.

For the full release notes, check fairphone.com/release-notes

Open the built-in Fairphone Updater app on your device to start the download.

If you encounter issues with the software update, please refer to our official bugtracker.

You want to help us test software updates in advance (Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open)? You can do so by applying for the beta testing program.


Product team


It’s good to see this is not a “partial security update”! :slight_smile:


It actually still is a partial security update, because it’s “only” the 1st of September patchlevel. This is a

Partial security patch level string

source: نشرة أمان Android — سبتمبر 2017  |  Android Open Source Project

But of course they have resolved the issue with the June 1, 2017 patchlevel :tada: thanks for that!


Installed without any issues.


[quote=“rainer_zufall, post:4, topic:33049, full:true”]
It actually still is a partial security update, because it’s “only” the 1st of September patchlevel.[/quote]
This update came earlier than usual, already on the 13th of the month. Probably a quick update to fix Blueborne.


Great reaction time to fix Blueborne vulnerability! Many thanks!

Edit: The update doesn’t work for me. Once the phone restarts, the boot screen just shows “Error” and the phone doesn’t react to anything afterwards. After removing the battery the phone starts as usual. I’ve tried this twice.

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Thanks! Was quite annoying in the past.


Update went smooth as always. Thanks to the Fairphone team!


Update this time worked flawless using the update app - unlike all other MM updates so far on my device. This time I didn’t do a backup (using TRWP w/o installation (see my post regarding 17.08.1).

So either my issue was fixed with the 17.08.1, Fairphone has solved a problem with the recognition of system partition changes with this update or @retsifp s speculation - that TWRP somehow modifies the system partition - was right.

Anyway - I’m happy with the real quick BlueBorne fix for my FP2!


Same here (except no need to remove the battery, eventually the Android error will cause a phone reboot); tried three times :frowning:

Could you go to this page and follow the instructions there.
It looks like the update needs to run again.

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With this update my (normal) calls get distorted and it’s too loud in the most silent setting. This doesn’t happen when using sipgate.

The October release Fairphone OS 17.10.1 is ready :slight_smile: