Screen flickers in FP2

This seems related to Flickering screen, but as it appears on my newly shipped FP2 that I just updated to the latest Android version, it doesn’t seem to be a resolved issue.

The screen starts to flicker almost immediately when the phone is turned on, but not all the time… When flickering, I cannot interact with it except to turn it off, and the entire screen flickers so that GUI elements are rendered all over the screen.

Did you try to take the display of and put it back again?
By update do you mean update 17.09.3 which was published today?

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Have the same issue + random reboots with my newly shipped FP2 (received it yesterday). Taking out the display did not solve the issue.

Looks like a full refund is in order, unfortunately.

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I have the latest software update, removed the screen and inserted it again. Same effect: random flickering of the screen (not always, but periodically) that starts at the lower end and then after a few seconds makes the whole screen flicker and make the GUI impossible to use.

Is it reason for replacement of the display module or is this a software issue?

One more thing the official troubleshooting tool suggests (though it’s maybe not quite the same issue described there) is to change the touch & hold delay setting to short in Settings > Accessibility.

If that doesn’t help then yes, you’ll probably need a replacement. Contact Support and don’t forget to include the order and IMEI numbers and attach a video of the issue.

How do I contact support? When I try to contact support on zingtree, nothing happens. I went through the predefined list of errors, none of which matched my issue, and came to a page that asked me to send a support request, but the link just “Send us a support request” redirects to the same page again.

Follow the link to the troubleshooting tool given by Paula, not the other one to zingtree. I suspect the bare troubleshooter without the Fairphone page embedding it could at the end be missing something crucial.

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