Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

FP3 4 inch edition. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


:mage: Dreams are the future :woman_mage:

:mermaid: fantasies are the far so far distant future :merman:

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I do think the prize will be the new product(s), since they state in the newletter:
_____ being the coming product.


I’m thinking of a FP4, or a FP3 “Pro”, with much higher-end tech specs, like 5G, several cameras for wide angle and optical zoom, a SD8XX-range processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory, an OLED screen, etc.

A lot of people don’t buy Fairphones because of their low tech specs; it might change that, especially if they’re used to spend between 500€ and 1000€ in a high-end smartphone.

This would then, de facto with the already existing FP3 models, create a range of phones as I initially thought in this topic.


I would also buy this… Maybe also some kill switches a la librem 5? :slight_smile:


To participate to the “lottery”, one should register to the newsletter as a new user, or existing users are eligible? :thinking:

Sign up anew, you also need to reply to a “quiz” question.

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Current newsletter subscribers are also able to participate.

Fairphone Contest Terms & Conditions (Something is coming) - Fairphone

Just enter the email you are already using for the newsletter I suppose, or rather click on the link from the newsletter you received :slight_smile:

Question to anyone receiving the newsletter in languages in which the gender of the article is visible (French, German, …): is the “a ____” feminine or masculine? It might give us an indication whether it’s a tablet or a computer for example :slight_smile:

Also, I am quite critical about the fact Fairphone are offering something one doesn’t necessarily need without knowing in advance what it is just for marketing.


en: a phone
de: ein Telefon, ein Handy
ein = unbestimmter Artikel (indefinite article)
So, no chance for indication

BTW - I prefer the surprise. Then there is no disappointment. No speculation. Reading through the post is quite funny.
Wait, Speculation “Ever Given” … LOL

Weil, you always can give it away here in the market section. I’m quite sure someone needing it will be found… :slight_smile:


Hey Lidwien, hope you are good!

Our new office runs when possible with 100% solar (we have them on the rooftop) and it is filled with wind energy when necessary. Heating works with 100% green gas (surely not completely sustainable, but a good way forward!). Not sure you can call that climate neutral… we still have trash… (like normal office trash) :slight_smile: Hope you like this!


Nothing novel about that 100% solar, own server, less than 1Kw day, wood for everything else, and that’s just old fashioned. :slight_smile:
So are Fairphone going to give away a few solar panels and a controller, that would be a new twist then people could charge their phones, oh and a charging unit to save the bottom module having to be replaced

Yeap! that’s it. The prize is 1 x 250W solar panel, 1 x controller to 12v, 1 x car charger and 1 x independent battery charger.

Sorted: Now I’m happy :partying_face:


Absolutely! Current newsletter subscribers are also welcome to participate by signing up and answering 1 question. :grin:


In my personal view this would be the best thing to happen!

I am ok with my FP3+, but it is very obvious that the SoC is just mid-range and already three years old now. Sure, I can run all the apps I want, but switching apps and especially scrolling is a bit laggy compared to other phones.
Not a big deal, but as apps are getting more and more demanding, I am not sure if this phone really will make it through the next 4 years, as I initially planned.

And of course, an OLED screen would be very appreciated! Last week I showed some pictures on my FP3+ to a friend.
He: “You really need a new phone!”
Me: “No, the phone is ok. Don’t judge the whole phone by the display.”

It’s true, the FP3(+) display looks really not so good compared to other phones and their (OLED-)screens. Contrast is low and colours are not very vibrant.
And some other phones have the ability to fine-tune color and contrast, which is completely missing on the FP3(+), there is just the blue-light-filter.

In summary: The FP3(+) is ok, but there is enough room for improvements. A FP4 would be very welcome :wink:


All this stuff about what a new phone would be nice to have is not quite the topic ‘Novelties to come in September’

All the other has been and could be added to the discussions on a number of other properly related topics :slight_smile:


Especially as @Antoine has mentioned

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I would disagree, as this is about what we think will be coming and why not e.g. hoping for a new Display module or new SOC or whatever even if probably unrealistic?

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:de: # Fairphone 4: Faires Smartphone bald mit 5G-Unterstützung & Android


Oh, so it really seems to be a Fairphone 4.

Edit: Or a tablet maybe.

That would mean a new phone after only two years, with better specs and a higher prize? Not exactly the same like Apple or Samsung, but trying to follow their footsteps. I wouldn’t like that.