Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

FWIW : FP4 specs (partly) announced there yesterday…


It’s just a tweet of a teenager without any sources… but yes rumors are growing…

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As written in his bio, he works for mobilegeeks. It’s indeed likely that they have some insights.

And I would sayhis profession is more important than his age. :wink:


Yes you’re right about age, I corrected my post. But without any source its nothing but a tweet in his personal account and not an “announcement”


Indeed it’s not saying that it is true.
He is explaining it by:

Blockquote Protecting the source. Someone would get fired if I would share the link

So it could be everything from a rumor to a real secret.
Let’s hope the second, as it sounds not to bad, what he is saying.:sweat_smile:


Thought I’d do a search :slight_smile:

Looks positive and 700 Euros plus

Tweet says about 600 EUR, so it seems we know the pricing for the 128 GB and the 256 GB version.

I wonder whether there are financial penaltys for shops leaking products early.


It is a bit odd, though I can’t read the small print German etc. but it looks as though it is actually for sale, or is it a pre-order ??

“Nicht auf Lager” = “Not on stock”. And it says the price includes shipping.

I wouldn’t rule out that the info there is completely taken from social media and the Fairphone newsletter lottery, too.

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You mean/think it may not actually be for sale just a temptation to try a purchase?

Or perhaps an attempt to draw attention to the mere existence of the shop in general.


And there I was getting my hopes up :roll_eyes:

Was thinking of buying it for my daughter, she’s not happy with the FP3.

Her boyfriend is Swedish so I will ask him to investigate the Swedish site on Monday.


The same shop is listing the 128GB version for 630€.
New soft cases for 31€.

Whoop :partying_face: excited.


ok, seems like they really know a bit. Wireless earbuds also mentioned (listed).


Official leak partner :slight_smile: .

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That’s surprising as wireless earbuds tend to be very hard to repair, unless FP found a way to take them apart and replace the battery. Which in itself would be a novelty.


So I guess they will not be called “Fairearbuds”…

They’re hard to repair because designed to. I don’t think making a removable battery would be so hard: you just need to make an easy-to-open bud, for example with simple screws or even an entirely unscrewable bud case. And for the name @Deepsea, I’d go for Fairbuds :wink:


Yes, but still wired earphones are more sustainable in my opinion and I still like the modular earphones which I got last year.

There have been some hints about new earphones before though:


Here in The Netherlands there’s no way you can use the 3.5 GHz frequencies for now, as there’s problems with the licensing because of a SIGINT satellite station in north of The Netherlands.

As for a 120 Hz screen, you can usually set these to 60 Hz by default and only use 120 Hz when scrolling. This helps your battery survival, and also saves heat (important also in hot summers). The screen on my work phone (SGS20) is so much more pleasant to use when scrolling or when using a lot of dark (dark mode!) because of AMOLED. If you can, try to do a blind test with two monitors, one 60 Hz and one 120 Hz or 144 Hz. When I compared, I found I could easier scroll with a 144 Hz screen. But when compared to early LCD screens, or when I started to use X11, or tearing in gaming – surely the current FP3(+) iteration is good enough. However these are fairly low standards in 2021. In that regard, IMO Fairphone should take a look at what their (potential) customers don’t find good enough and improve there. Maybe they figured this is one of 'em.

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