Modular headphones discontinued (?)

Nope - I think they’re always busy and didn’t want to bother them about this :slight_smile:

That could be it, yeah. Hope they’ll sell it again in future, also through more mainstream channels. It’s a great product, if you ask me!

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And if you are happy with over/on the ear type then

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I feel bad for people who use wired headphones in 2021 :frowning:

If you need to feel bad so badly, so be it.


And why? Not modern enough or not enough electric fields that wireless headphones radiate around them?
I find wired headphones more sustainable than battery-bound headphones.


Yes, Fairphone wrote me on Instagram and by emial weeks ago: they were discontinued dueto other fairer and more sustainable project. Cable will be available again for 2 years untill out of stock. :slight_smile:

Here the screenshot:

Also I wrote and email to Support Unit. Here the replies:

“The modular earphones are indeed no longer included in our product portfolio but we are investigating alternative options. As yet there is no timeline or further details available.”

“We have to cover the warranty period, so we keep enough stock for at least 2 years after the last one was sold.
How long they will remain in our website however depends on how fast they sell until we reached the stock volume that lasts for only warranty support.”

"No it was not a limit edition, we are just looking for a more performant and sustainable product :slight_smile: "


No headphones is even moar sustainable.

Wireless no doubt, you can’t hold off the great neon dystopian future of eco friendly hyper consumption.

However, battery-operated headphones are not sustainable! :wink:

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What is apart from logic and intelligence?

Don’t know, but maybe FP would make a headphone with usb-c plug?

and then you have the same stupid issue as with Apple, you can either load or hear music but never both together. Does not make any sense to me.

I’m just thinking out loud. Maybe it’ll be wireless?

I hear you, but easy with your tone there, angel…

You’re a leader in this community as selected by staff, and you set a positive example for the rest of the community in your actions and words here.

Where did you get that quote?

My understanding is that Angels are not selected, let alone for their politeness, but put themselves forward as contacts/hubs for helping local people.

Yes I see. Slagging off Apple, is a bit sour :slight_smile:

@Jay_P apologies when you found my tone impolite that was not my itention. And I know where you picked up the phrase. Thanks for the feedback!


The Leader badge has nothing to do with Fairphone Angels.
And to address someone as angel only because of the “Fairphone Angels” name of this specific community support effort might not be appropriate tone either :wink: (while opinions may differ, of course).


Hi @yvmuell

Personal opinions on the sweetness of an apple are exactly that personal, that you chose to share your experience, or is that opinion, is understandable and the human side of the angel.

So as not to wander high in the clouds where white is white and water is water, are you saying there’s an issue with USBC 3 not being able to support multiple tasks or is that just a bad apple .?

Just checking:

So if the next USBC port is USB 3.2 (Gen 1x2 or Gen "x2) it will have two channels and could do both of the operations that the sour apple doesn’t deliver.

According to:


what I’m saying is: Iphone only have one port (no longer 2 (audio+USB) and therefore both, wired headphones and charger compete and you cannot hear music when you have to charge battery and vice versa unless you use wireless headphones. If there are any technical options to charge with the headphones, or hear music with the chargig cable, I doubt :wink:

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This is correct regarding Angels, although there is an onboarding process before people get this status. The badge’s description might be a default text from the forum software which doesn’t take into account that the Angels programme is largely run by community members rather than staff at the FP office.