Fairphone earphones available now

I just noticed the price has increased to 50 Euros (49.95) in the Fairphone shop. Vireo still offers them for the old price of 35 Euros. I guess that lower price tag won’t survive into eternity … :angel:

P.S.: I finally merged this with the review topic, so that’s why I repeated this reply.

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Are the earphones actually repairable? I can see lots of wiring inside.

I just resoldered the wire joint on my headphones for the umpteenth time and was on the verge of caving and buying the FP headphones and then they increase the price… a sign from the heavens, I guess. Time for a new set of thrift shop headphones.

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On the blog you inserted in your post I saw that the earphones are worn with the cable coming from behind the ear. I wear glasses and besides those there’s not a lot of room over my ear for an earphone. Do you think the earphones can be worn with (sun)glasses?

I really want to try them out, but 50 euro’s is a lot for earphones that will end up hurting me.

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Well, I cannot provide longterm experience here because while I have glasses, I very rarely wear them. I just tried the combination of both and noticed that the frame and the earphone cables will not sit on top of each other on top of the ear, but the frame will usually push the earphone cable to its (out)side (still both comfortably behind the ear). It doesn’t feel uncomfortable initially, but as I said, no longterm experience with this. My ears might be bigger, and behind mine, it doesn’t feel at all as if the cables were running the risk of falling off over the ear.

My general impression with the Fairphone earphones has been that they stay in place very well, both inside your ear and behind your ear.

P.S.: If you are willing to give a vague location where you could test them, maybe someone local would be willing to let you do so.

Well worth a try, but do you really think so?
Neither would I want to try on in-ear headphones worn by some stranger, nor would I lend mine.
At least you should bring some disinfectant (and I don’t think of SARS-CoV2 here, but generally).
And social-distancing might interfere here as well.

The Fairphone earphones are added (separately) free with every FP3 order until 31 May 2020 (can be combined with other discounts if bought via Fairphone’s own online shop). Some resellers are offering the FP3+earphones bundle, too (buyers need to register with https://promotions.fairphone.com/earphones).


Hi all !
I have bought my new FP3 and received it today morning.
The free offer is explained on my reseller’s internet site (Proximus in Belgium).
When I fill the form on promotions.fairphone.com/earphones, I have the answer that IMEI number is wrong or is still used… :thinking:
I have checked IMEI number inside the phone (on right behind battery). It’s the same than on the box, same than on the bill.
Did someone else have same problem ?

You might want to report this. It seems this promotion is not dealt with by Fairphone Support, but by these contact details:

If you have problems with the registration, please contact the customer support at (+31) 040-3046219 or send an email to fairphone@activationboxx.com.

Source: Terms and conditions PDF [as linked to on the registration form], page 3.


Thanks a lot for your answer.
I have sent a mail to that mail address. With pictures of the box with the label, the sticker inside the phone behind the battery and screen shot of Proximus’ website. Copy of the bill alse.
And I have opened a ticket in the support site.
I have received a number ticket for opening.
I have called my provider (which sells the phone with the promo). They told me that I have to see with Fairphone…
So waiting for answer now.

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Answer from “Customer Care Activationboxx” :

" Thanks for your message.
We are aware of this ‘problem’ and our team is working on a solution.
When we have an update for you, you will here from us directly.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Have a good day! "


I have received an answer again explaining it should work now.
It was yesterday.
I tried yesterday and this morning again, without success.
I have replied by mail.
There is a ticket opened in support for my problem. Without comment for the moment.

15/05/20 update :

Hi all.
The support ticket I have opened for that problem has been closed.
Here is the answer :

By the way, my reseller (Proximus in Belgium) proposes the promotion :

On the registration website, I can select my reseller :

I sent a mail to customer care of Activationboxx (mail address which is written in Conditions of participation. Still waiting an answer…
I will contact my reseller to explain that promotion is not real and doesn’t work.

Solution found. Answer from Activationboxx asking me to register again. IMEI number accepted. Thanks a lot Fairphone !

I preordered a /e/ fairphone the first day of the partnership annoucement (29th April , yeah that s not May…) , which I didn’t receive yet.

Can I possibly be elligible for earphones, or my enthousiasm and haste ruined it.

Thank you

Thank you for your reply.
The main issue is the date (i preordered the phone on 29th april).
Fairphone online form says “between May 4th and May 31st.”
I guess I will just try and fill the form as soon as I receive the phone.

Might not be a real solace, but if you volunteer for an interview here, you have a 1 in 8 chance to get the earphones, too:

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has anyone an idea, if it was a one time offer or if fairphone will repeat it again soon?

(I am struggling with my fp 2 since a while. Especially with my microphone, it has broken today again… I have changed my bottom module now like 5 times and every few months it has broken again. It seems, that I have bad luck - or that I am bad in handling my fp 2. Finally, I am a bit annoyed of my temporary headset solution periods - missing half of the calls (and the headphone jack seems to be broken, too, i have tried various earphones - and there is always an loose contact, so that usually just one side works…) So it might be soon a good time for an update to fp 3 :slight_smile: (but if there were a similar offer again, it would be worth to wait a bit :smiley: ))

I’m afraid no one of us here knows anything there. I would not expect it anytime soon, and frankly I don’t know if the earphones will be included again for free at all. When the earphones promotion and the recycling cashback program both expired on the same day, Fairphone only extended the latter, so I guess it was a conscious decision.

But if you are interested in a green protective case (a black one has just become available) for your future FP3, you might still want to wait a little longer as this is announced to become available (not for free) later this year (my wild guess: late summer?).


ok. Thanks for the hint!