Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Hmm… it seems those covers were too tight and the stress made them crack.

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As I recall ut, it was a question of differeng materials. Transparency seems complicated; at least when eco-friendly.
And keep in mind, that these covers will be applied on top of the cover. They don’t replace it!


This is the thread I was reading. The black translucent units we’re also affected, since fp3 is using similar black translucent plastic, I would guess it is not he material that is at fault but the engineering behind the forming the plastic.

The original hard coating process meant to provide additional protection against scratches has caused the material of some of the new transparent and black translucent production units to become less flexible and thus brittle.


Frosty without a doubt!
All cases should be frosty but in different colors. Would never want to cover how “Change is is in my hands”


I like the green, but my new year’s resolution to buy less stuff prevents me from getting a cover anyway. The bumper offers plenty protection, and I use the lovely filt pouch I got for carrying my phone in my backpack.


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the short delay in announcing the result of all of your feedback.
We’ve closed our office and everyone is adjusting to this new reality.

Remember when voting on and discussing protective case colors seemed like an important thing to do? :slight_smile: Strange times ahead and I hope you are all hanging in there!
Nevertheless, we really appreciate your input and had a session with the product team to discuss color options.

So here’s what’s up: Black is already in production and will launch first (exact date tbd), green as the clear poll winner will come right after :slight_smile:

And there is still hope for everyone who is waiting on their favorite color - we will announce more colors later this year.

Thanks again for the support & talk to you soon everyone.
Stay strong, stay connected.


PS: special thanks to @urs_lesse for jumping in early and keeping everyone up to date here!


It’s great that you finally take out protective covers! But I didn’t vote, because I don’t understand why they will only be valid for F3, what about F1 and F2? I’m seeing that they will not be worth them because the camera hole doesn’t match… It’s a pity that you always emphasize that the main reason for this mobile is sustainability, and you end up doing what the rest of the commercial brands: taking out new models so different from the previous ones that the accessories are not even compatible : (
I will not buy a new Fairphone just to have a new case.
I also don’t understand why if I’m already registered on the official website and have a profile, it’s necessary to register again here to participate in the forum…


Welcome to the community forum.

Well ok, the Fairphone 1 is old and I didn’t have it and so I have no clue what the cover situation was when it was actively sold.
Edit: So I shamelessly grab a quote from the future :slight_smile:

So second-hand could be an option for an ever more dwindling user base.

But what about the Fairphone 2?

Cases for the Fairphone 2 are still available in 4 colours in the shop. That’s 4 more cases than are currently available for the Fairphone 3.

Not counting protective covers from other vendors than Fairphone.

This has been discussed at length in this forum already, feel free to use the search function.
Bottom line is … Even if you would make the hardware parts compatible, state of the industry currently would make the software incompatible either from the start, or at least rather sooner than later. It just doesn’t work that way for the foreseeable future.

It’s inconvenient, agreed, but they are operating on different software platforms which don’t share the accounts.
And this forum furthermore is a special case in the Fairphone online presence, because it is not an official Fairphone communication channel, but really a community forum …


Protective covers in many styles were sold for it.


I give you, that the size of the phones have changed so much, that the cover as accessory would not be compatible.
Otherwise this problem is rather nonexistent.
The form-factor of the FP1 is nowadays not really marketable, as only a minority of customers would buy a phone this small.
So the FP1 protective cover is out of the question.
For the FP2 there was no such thing as a protective cover sold by FP themselves. The covers they sell are simply the first shell and part of the phone, not an accessory.
So compatibility of accessories is not really an issue with Fairphone, since they nearly don’t do in accessories. And the new headphones should fit all phones (at least for listening to music, while the handsfree functionality will not work for all).

And then there is this one very important factor:
Fairphone is a still developing project.
Especially the FP1 and FP2 were testing possibilities and developing technics as well as markets and demands.
The FP2 on that behalf showed, that the modular design was a bit overdone, causing troubles for quite a few (lot of) users.
So the FP3 had to be redesigned. And such redesign nearly inevitable leads to incompatibility. Or it would have limited the design-possibilities to try and do the construction within the smaller case of the FP2. E.g. the battery was something FP2 users often complained about. So a larger battery was needed. And that could hardly fit in the smaller FP2 case.

And finally; different from all the other brands, Fairphone is presenting a phone only every 3 to 4 years with as little accessories as neccessary. In that regard they are still more sustainable than the other smartphone companies.


And that’s why it is privacy wise sensible and neccessary not to share the account data.
Not every customer of Fairphone wants the data to be shared with a user community-forum managed by users, that they don’t use. By now this forum has about 21,000 accounts, while there are more than 200,000 phones sold. Since quite a few phones had more than one user, at least 90% of customers never registered for this forum. If only half the customers were buying theirs with Fairphone direct, it would still be no more than 20% registered here in this forum.

So it is rightfully a new decision to register for this forum, but you are obviously free to use the same data for logging in to both accounts; so it will not make a difference for you.


What’s the point of having a sustainable device if others do not follow by the example. You can’t influence big-brand-loyal consumers without at least meeting them halfway.


Looks like a forum bug - I get the same if I select a piece of text inside a quote and press quote.

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Ok, I edited it myself, the quote is now from the source … at least that works :slight_smile: .

I’m really happy that you’re making covers. while I like the bumper in general, a splash of colour would be nice, and I want an extra cover for if I want to mount it on my motorbike (I want to stick this to it and then use that cover as a motorcycle mount)

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I just wonder, if the cover is stable enough for this project or if it is made of a more flexible material (like the bumper).
Judging by the picture, it should be sturdy, but to make it adjustable will take some flexibility for sure. :thinking:

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When will this new Case be available to buy on the Fairphone homepage?

I need a case…!

Fairphone didn’t say yet.

If it’s urgent, I still have a fitting generic flip cover lying around to give away …

Well, Blaffi more or less confirmed it will be somewhat flexible, but whether it would hold the phone in itself well enough on a motorbike is probably hard to predict either way. Sturdy might “clutch” the actual phone in itself better, but flexible might absorb vibrations from driving more.

Thank u so much, but i don’t like flio cases…
So sorry i hope u find somone else who really can use it.