Earphone recommendations

I had K550 for ages, easy to repair and mod, I think they will last a lifetime.

For portable use I have Soundmagic ES20, very durable and spacious 13.5 dynamic drivers for a tenner! I prefer them over the balanced Sennheiser Momentum IEM 2.0

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Happy to receive the recommendation! I use an ancient pair of Pioneer cans with replacement speakers for home listening - €2 at a thrift store and another ten for the speakers.

I’m admittedly no audiophile, but I like balanced sound. I listen to a lot of cassette tapes and listening to them on Walkman tends to muddy up the sound when using headphones that emphasise punch over precision. So I’d rather have greater clarity than more bass - are those Soundmagic earbuds good for that, in your estimation?

ES20 are v-shaped but sound big like headphones. Momentum are balanced and pure with pronounced treble which fatigues my ears, they do not sound open. ES20 bass is incredibly dynamic and open, mids and treble are not as pronounced.

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For what it’s worth, I ended up buying a pair of House of Marley Uplift (not the new ones, the old ones) - I usually shy away from lifestyle brands but I borrowed a pair of HoMs from a friend once and they sounded great.

Pretty good bass-wise but they mostly stand out for their balanced sound, with a clearly defined midrange. The company also claims to be eco-friendly, supporting reforestation and ocean conservation projects.

The headphones look good (wood and metal construction) and have a braided cable that doesn’t tangle as easily as a normal one. They’re going for €25 now in most places as they’re no longer being produced.

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