Fairphone B.V. ~ repair FP2 ~ ? 'within warranty'?

With /e/:

The issue is definitely independent from the OS used.

There is another thread about these issues and I found an advice which is quite helpful in my case:

Not perfect in the end, but I think my FP is getting old and there is sadly nothing to do about that (mine is 4,5 years old) as it seems.

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Nobody contacted me until now …

One week later: No response at all :frowning:

Are you sure the emails from support aren’t going in your spam folder, or that you don’t have a problem with the incoming mails?
Otherwise I guess there’s a real big problem. This is strange…


The spam folder does not contain emails. I received just an automated reply about the case two days ago, but nothing from a support agent.

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Maybe, even hopefully, you have really hit the lottery pulling the “Biggest Looser” ticket and Murphy’s law is in full force; i.e. everything goes wrong/fails in your case.
Or the support is really broken badly.

I really feel for you.
One can understand and put up with hardships, that have reason and are explained.
But being kept waiting without explanation, fixed dates going by without any notice; that’s not the way to achieve customer loyalty (to say the least and put it kind of positive). :frowning:

Let’s hope, you will receive some good news soon (best, still this year).

E… (Fairphone)

Dec 28, 2020, 16:38 GMT+1

Dear M…,

Thank you for your reply. Apologies it took a while before I could answer you, we are facing a small backlog again due to the holiday season.

We always recommend customers to provide the original order number to a new owner, because this is the essential data to identify the manufacturing warranty.
In order for us to comply with local jurisdiction, we have to have a proof of purchase when we send it in for a repair for example.

As you can read in our Fairphone 3 Manufacturing warranty under Claiming your warranty:
“To the extent permitted by law, this warranty is only valid if the proof of purchase for the Product (as issued by a Fairphone authorized reseller and specifying the date of purchase) is presented with the Fairphone product to be repaired or replaced. Fairphone reserves the right to refuse in-warranty service if the proof of purchase is not presented or if it is incomplete/illegible.”

So what we can do is to continue troubleshooting your device when it is set to Fairphone OS, and you provide me with the requested information so we can deduct what is going on with your device.
Maybe we can fix this issue without having to send it in for a repair.

Let me know when you have set the regular Fairphone OS back on the device.

Kind regards,

Business & Reseller Support Officer

English, Nederlands (reading: Français, Deutsch)

Any questions ?

My conclusion:
Fairphone won’t repair the phone. They are quoting regulations for the FP3 which not apply on the FP2.

Finally they lost at least one customer, because I definitely buy a FP never again.


I’ve been following your saga and note you didn’t get the support you expected, I won’t go over the details as to why, but, I do recognize also that, Fairphone are not satisfied with your status as a bonafide warranty user.

Most often I understand that not buying directly from a shop many Fairphone users with problems are going to very unhappy with the time it takes to get a solution, if they get one, and on that basis alone I would not recommend anyone to buy a Fairphone.

Saying that, this is an experiment in alternatives and as such is prone to many upsets and wrong turns, so I am happy to be part of the journey, I don’t expect a happy ending.

If you are, as indicated, a second or third hand user etc. I can see this is maybe not what you signed up for. However for first hand buyers I hope they will consider their investment in ethics as a gamble, investments can go up and down. Those who stick it out will find their way, be it Fairphone or not so fair, ~ to the buyer,~ but it wasn’t directed at the end user but at those that work in the mines and factories, and on their behalf I thank you for your particiption.


Of course you are right, that we can’t judge, since we know parts of the exchange between user and support; at best the relevant ones .
Still, judging by what I know, and if the following info is correct, FP should stick to it.

Questioning that now, seems neither fair, nor legitimate. Only IF this info is correct, of course and if there is no other reason that would exclude warranty.

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Maybe you can get in contact with the former owner of your FP2 and ask him/her for the proof of purchase?

Contacting the previous owners would not help:


I understand that the challenge of Fairphone is huge, when the company’s aspiration is to embrace so many aspects of “impact fields” from origin-very-beginning to after-end-of-life of the product.

Personally I support the “pioneer” aspiration of Fairphone in this inclusive aspiration.

I recognise there is a potential lack of success when trying something (specially when it is huge challenge).

I see that often in “Fairphone experience” the one suffering the lack of success of the aspiration-in-action is the user.

As user-human-being it is hard to feel “unfairly treated” when having chosen an alternative for “fair creation”.

I’m sorry for your experience @FPbonn (Michael),…really sorry. I empath with your experience and I feel it really frustrating.

As I see it Fairphone truly pursues “inclusive fairness”, although is a “work-in-progress” and absolutely-lacks-perfection on it.

Your FP2 is under warranty and you should be answered in such a way, in my opinion with the information I’ve read.

Don’t lose faith in life, please. World challenge is huge for all. All of us are “working-in-progress”.

Big hug,


What really irritates me is, that the first message to @fpbonn was:

(Blockquote by me.)

And if that in fact was the original message, they - in my opinion - simply have to stick to it.
Falling back behind this is - in my opinion again - neither acceptable, nor fair and I have serious doubts concerning legitimacy. Declining a warranty case after initially accepting it and both based on the exactly same information? Smh.

I understand all explanations concerning work overload etc. but that’s something different here.
The first reaction is the way I my personal contacts with Fairphone support went always. Understanding, supportive and generous. The latter message - declining warranty - is new to me (and a real disappointment, tbh).

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This is - please believe me - an original quote form the e-mail.


It appears the first statement to accept warranty on the Oct 6th was valid on that day but subsequently the claim on Oct 26th was not.

Then consider the internal communications and what you see here on the forum is only part of what must have been discussed at ‘head office’

There is discrepancies between the parties on the date the claim was made.

FBonn states "I claimed a warrany case on Oct. 6th 2020,

Fairphone state “Oct 26th”

None of us on the forum know the truth so opinions are not about what is correct ethically

It just means that the first text is misleading but the warranty had certainly expired.

So I wonder what this post is about.

  1. We do not know the facts as we are not the recipients of any of the communications
  2. Are we here to support Fairphone ~ well yes in terms of infilling support for users
  3. Are we here to support users ~ well yes in terms of user issues of the phone
  4. This is not a user issue and it seems misguided to use this platform to argue that Fairphone are not doing thier job well as well as consumers want, who does?

Social media tends just to be a bullying ring when people voice their satisfaction to pressure others to conform, not that FBonn is doing that, but I do wonder what the purpose of this thread is?


I’ve sent a dozen email to FP and demanded that they have to fulfil the legal warranty obligations. But they dont.

According to your own post you did not make a claim until 18 days after the warranty expired.

" You did contact us on October 6 of this year (so 2 days before the 2-year manufacturing warranty expired), but you first mentioned that there was an issue with the device on October 26, so 18 days after the manufacturing warranty expired. This means that the warranty no longer covers repairs or replacements."

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But despite that fact, the user cited a mail by support, that accepted the case as warranty claim for making the first contact on October 6th:

It was originally shipped on October 8 of 2018, and the warranty covers 2 years, so the phone is already out ow warranty. However, as you contacted us within the warranty period (on October 6), we’ll treat your phone in warranty for this time.

We - or course - don’t know the full extent of the exchange between the user and Faiphone. And that exchange might not have been a polite one all the time.
Whatever, if Fairphone accepted a warranty claim by end of October, they can hardly refuse this claim based on the very same facts in December in my opinion.
What would you think, if this was your case?

Why don’t take the gamble? Contact the previous owners and ask them for a proof of purchase.
Because Fairphone obviously needs this.

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